Survey claims 80% of SA users shop online

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A survey by Master Card claims that 80% of South African users are shopping online.

CDs, DVDs and VCDs” emerged as the most sought after item category, with 58% of online shoppers saying that they frequently shopped for these items online.

“Airline tickets” and “books and arts” emerged as the next most sought after items, with 45% of online shoppers saying that they had frequently shopped for these items in the three months prior to when the survey was conducted.

These are some of the primary findings of a survey commissioned by MasterCard Worldwide on online shopping behaviour, the results of which are highlighted in an Insights report entitled Economic Crisis and Preference for Online Shopping in Asia/Pacific, Middle-East, and Africa.

I don’t know. Sounds very high to me. Would love to know how they got to these conclusions.

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