Screw Silicon Valley, Brazil actually has a startup show worth watching

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Go For it Brazil

Anyone on the tech startup scene will have at least heard mention of a Silicon Valley reality TV show. Well Brazil looked at that, called bullshit and produced a show about startups that looks like it’ll be worth watching.

The Silicon Valley show’s executive producer was Randi Zuckerburg (sister of Mark) and by all accounts, it was about as entertaining as getting hit in the head with a wet trout. Brazil’s Go For It by contrast follows a more documentary-style way of doing things to tell the story of a handful of startups.

The trailer obviously portrays them in a fairly idealistic fashion but all the startups seem to want to change the world using technology rather than make a quick buck.

The show is produced by Brazilian film company BigBonsai with the sponsorship and support of Locaweb and Visa. So hey, at least its funding model looks credible.

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