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9 videos to help you perfect your investor pitch

Whether you’re presenting to investors with a pitch deck, or jostling for a foot in the door by way of an elevator pitch, we’ve trawled the depths of YouTube to bring you some of the best presentation and pitching advice from brilliant companies and people.

The videos we’ve collected will help you with structure and delivery, and if you find yourself inspired to get started on a killer presentation, be sure to take a look at Pitch Envy, a collection of some of the best pitch decks.

Get ready to be dazzled by the likes of ex-Mac evangelist, Guy Kawasaki, 500 startups founder Dave McClure, presentation design gurus, Duarte Design, Phil Libin from Evernote and Google’s developer and startup advocate, Don Dodge.

Guy Kawasaki’s 10-20-30 rule

Who better to start off this list than Guy Kawasaki. In this short clip Kawasaki gives his reasoning behind 20 minute pitches with 10 slides and 30 point font sizes. Check out the full version of this presentation for his book “The Art of the Start” — a book about launching products and services artfully.

How and what to pitch with 13 slides

Nathan Gold is a big fan of Guy Kawasaki’s work — see the previous slide. He argues for less compression with 13 slides presented in a brisk 10 minutes. Since 2000, Gold has has worked with companies like SanDisk, Nokia, and IBM on how to design, script and deliver more compelling and memorable presentations.

Duarte’s 5 presentation rules

Duarte is a master of presentation design. The company has created presentations for the likes of Al Gore, Twitter, Cisco, Nokia, Water.org and HP. In this video Duarte shares five tips for creating world changing presentations. Check out Duarte’s work for more inspiration.

How to pitch a VC

If ever there was someone qualified to deliver pitching advice, it’s Dave McClure. McClure is an entrepreneur, angel investor and founder of mega business incubator 500 Startups.

Evernote one minute pitch

What should an elevator pitch sound like? Probably something like this. Listen as Phil Libin tells you about his ultra successful note taking startup, Evernote in under a minute. Read Memeburn’s interview with Libin.

The web video pitch

Done right, videos are probably the most effective way of describing your product to someone. These days, it’s rare that you find a web startup without a 30-second clip on the homepage pitching its services to a visitor. This short clip describes how you might go about condensing your business into 30 seconds.

Pitching advice from Google’s Don Dodge

Developer (and startup) Advocate for Google, Don Dodge gives an overview of pitching types before getting in-depth about elevator pitches.

The elevator pitch: a different approach

The trick is to rehearse your elevator pitch, but not to make it sound rehearsed. If that’s hard to do, try telling a story instead — you might end up sounding less robotic.

7 deadly sins of investor presentations

Bryan Brewer’s Funding Quest workshops and coaching groups help startup CEOs raise angel investment. We end this list with Brewer’s advice on what pitfalls to avoid while presenting.

Author Bio

Martin Carstens: Senior reporter
Martin is obsessed with technology and the future. His work life includes positions at UK based Hotcourses.com, Discovery Invest and currently, Memeburn. More

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