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Venture Talk Bootstrap

Venture Talk: Bootstrapping vs funding [Part One]

Ventureburn’s monthly panel show, Venture Talk, is out with its second edition, all about the pros and cons of bootstrapping versus getting funding. Guests Nic Haralambous, the founder of Nic Socks and Motribe (which exited to Mxit) and Emma Kaye, the founder of Bozza and formerly Triggerfish Studios (Khumba), chat to Mich Atagana about their entrepreneurial journeys and the various types of funding they used/received to start their diverse companies.

Whether its bootstrapping, VC, Angel, or client funding, this candid talk gives insights into Haralambous and Kaye’s funding experiences, and how the African tech scene tends to value the receiving of funding over bootstrapping, which should not necessarily be the case.

You’ll also get a sneak peak of Nic’s socks!

Part Two will be out on Wednesday 31 July, where the discussion focuses on the importance of finding the right funding partnerships, and determining the type of entrepreneur you are – career or serial.

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