Socialbakers joins the battle for the Newsfeed with Edgerank Checker buyout

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Social bakers

Socialbakers, a Czech-based company that specialises in social media analytics and optimisation, has announced that it has purchased EdgeRank Checker, although specific financials of the deal have not been disclosed.

Following a funding round that saw Socialbakers snag an extra $26 million from IndexVentures, this deal also means that Socialbakers’ data will now power a range of popular tools (including PostAccumen) that large brands also use to manage and optimise their social media presences (in addition to scoping out the competition).

“Socialbakers is focused on two missions right now — cementing our US footprint and providing brands with entirely new levels of social media insight. Acquiring EdgeRank Checker allows us to do this in one stroke,” said Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers.

“Marketing to the News Feed is more complex than ever, and so requires deeper insights than ever,” he added. “There are more Page likes for more brands, which are publishing more content over more devices, and boosting their content with higher budgets than ever – so more than ever, marketers need deep, actionable insights to optimise their News Feed engagement”.

It’s a smart move as the battle for the newsfeed (and hearts and minds of the consumer) heats up. As Facebook gives less and less away from free, optimisation and understanding what works for all brands has become more important than ever before.

This acquisition increases the Socialbakers’ client base by a third and adds a significant amount of Fortune 500 companies and major entertainment brands to its existing portfolio.

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