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Don’t fancy queuing for petrol? This app’s got you covered

If you’re looking for evidence that South African entreprenurs are embracing the idea of the on-demand economy in a big way, look no further than FillApp.

The app, built by software development house Cybatar, labels itself as “the first online filling station in Africa” and promises to “change the South African fuel retail industry forever”.

The Pretoria-based startup has been running a prelaunch customer development campaign through its website since August and claims to have acquired more than 900 users who “are ready to start using the services”.

FillApp is essentially Uber, but for petrol and gives people the option of ordering fuel from their preferred filling station for delivery. The company’s target is primarily those who run out of fuel away from a filling station and those who would prefer not to go to a garage for fuel. If you’re wondering where the startup makes its money, that would be the R30 delivery fee. It seems like a lot of effort if you’re in the position to be able to call friends and family, but it’s a hell of a lot cheaper than AA membership for those that don’t.

#FillApp’s features include:

  • Fuel Cost Calculation
  • Fuel Request
  • Customer Feedback
  • Fill up Tracking

FillApp is available on the Google Play Store for free and will soon be available on the Apple App Store for free as well. FillApp is designed for all Android devices, iPhone and iPod touch.

The app web version of the app is available for all internet accessing devices for free.

Author Bio

Stuart Thomas: Senior Reporter
Stuart Thomas is a product of Rhodes University. Whilst completing his Bachelors in Journalism, Politics and English, he realised he was a bit of a geek, albeit one who isn't afraid of the sun. An honors in English at the same institution failed to curb this. An MA in... More

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