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An exclusive sneak peek At Compare Guru – coming soon!

Cape Town, South Africa – The time is getting close to the relaunch of Click n Compare as Compare Guru. The rebrand – planned for mid February – comes as a strategic move to join the brand’s counterparts in Nigeria and Kenya, as well as to incorporate an animated character, The Guru, as their mascot. Compare Guru will fall under the umbrella brand Compare Africa (previously known as CNC Group), now also inclusive of PriceCheck.

According to recent research, 31% of South Africans use the the internet to compare products / prices / features online, while insurance accounts for 7% of total annual expenditures for the average Millenial. The idea behind The Guru is to assist users with these comparisons in order to help them save on insurance and more. Ryan Marx, CEO of Click n Compare, had this to say about the new mascot:

“We are hoping that The Guru will become a personality many people will begin to associate with insurance and finance. Anyone will be able to relate to him and his tips and advice.”

Aside from the introduction of the novel mascot, the basic functionality of the new Website will remain the same as the current, with additional features coming soon. The Blog will offer latest news and tips and advice in anything related to mobile, broadband, insurance, finance, and / or lifestyle related topics. Within the Mobile section, users will have the ability to compare cellphone models as well as contract and prepaid packages in order to find the most affordable deal. The same applies with the Broadband category where users will be able to compare packages across all internet service providers.

Maintaining a focus on insurance, Compare Guru will offer users the option of applying for a quote across all types of insurance, with a live quote engine arriving soon. On the finance side, users will be able to compare interest rates, and more, across credit cards, savings and cheque accounts. Should the need arise, personal loans and / or debt consolidation / review is available at the click of a button. The ever-expanding Lifestyle category will offer the ability to compare and book flights, receive 10% discount when purchasing The Entertainer, and explore local getaways through Explore Sideways. This, along with being able to compare Online Dating and Casino Services, as well as Paid TV packages.

Upcoming features include an Ask the Guru page, where users will be able to log any finance-related questions which will then be answered – within 24 hours – by our highly-qualified Guru. In line with this, users will be given the opportunity to fill in an online Financial Assessment which will assist them with advice relating to salary benchmarking, personal assets, and personal finances. Once having taken the assessment, users will also be given access to a Free Credit Report in order to check their credit status. Lastly, users can look forward to a login portal whereby they will be able to build their profile and have access to further discounts, vouchers, and additional self-help features.

Within the new Compare Guru platform, users will find the ability to compare services across the board while saving time and money. Upcoming features will ensure they receive even more in relation to financial assistance and saving. All this will be ‘administered’ by The Guru who is now to become the face of the brand as a whole. He cannot wait to meet everyone and get started!


Author Bio

CompareGuru's primary aim is to source and provide affordable product options to South Africans for Mobile, Broadband, Banking, Insurance and Travel. Through our independent research of all the markets, we are able to comprehensively provide you with side-by-side comparisons for you to make an informed decision. More