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7 ways to rock a home-based startup

There’s nothing like being your own boss! The daily frustrations of a job inspire many of us to become entrepreneurs from the comfort of home. However, setting up your own business is certainly not easy.

Right from getting new customers to doing marketing & promotions, you need to take care of every single aspect. If you are one of the home-based business owners, here are some tips that make you become even more successful.

Creating a work environment

The idea of working from home is great; however, it’s very important to have an office-style infrastructure in place. Have a space purely dedicated towards your business. Keep a computer exclusively for your business. Try and minimise your personal use on it. Ask your children not to play games on that machine.

Keeping a check on overheads

Set up book-keeping and accounting system. Record your daily business expenses. Try and curb expenses on irrelevant things. Don’t have devices or technology that you don’t use. Have a paperless office environment. It will help you save plenty of money. Moreover, you will be putting less strain on mother earth too. Send invoices via email instead of printing. Don’t invest in technology for the sake of it.

Being professional matters

Attire is important too. Your dress matters, especially if customers keep visiting you. Remember, first impression is the last impression. Occasionally you can work in pyjamas. However, staying professional will help.

Work on branding and marketing

Just because you own a home-based business and you have customers, it doesn’t mean you don’t invest in marketing. Have a professional website and blog. Keep posting shareable, helpful and compelling content regularly.

It helps you fetch new customers and showcases that your business means a lot to you. Invest in internet marketing and setting up a social media presence. Also, have your home-based business listed in a corporate directory. It helps increase the reach of your business considerably.

Be aware of legal matters

Have complete knowledge of the local laws regarding business in your area. Being aware of taxation is extremely crucial. Pay your tax regularly in accordance with the norms. If the legal matters perplex you, consult a lawyer and a taxation expert. Remember, it’s better to outsource things you are not an expert at.

Stay focused

It often happens that people who work from home become lazy and keep procrastinating. Never ever do that. Keeping focus is very important. Fix your working hours and adhere to deadlines. Not taking your work seriously will only harm your reputation. Also, there are plenty of distractions at home. Stay determined to have an office-like environment at your home.

Bonus Tips

  • Have a proper plan
  • Keep your files organized
  • Focus on improving your communication
  • Invest in business insurance
  • Do the legwork regarding whether your business needs a permit
  • Keep your business expenses separate
  • Buy project management software, if required
  • Rather than buying a phone, use Skype or Google Talk
  • Consider using free marketing tools
  • Participate in events

It’s a dream for most of us to start a home-based business. Jump-starting a venture is not a big deal. Focus on your strengths, invest a bit in marketing and be dedicated. Having a strategy and sticking to it will take your business to new heights. Most importantly, if you plan to start a home-based business, be aware of your working hours. Family is important too. Don’t neglect your loved ones. Work-life balance is also important. Good luck with your endeavours!

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