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This infographic for entrepreneurs is actually great advice for a successful life

Being an entrepreneur can be a profoundly rewarding experience. For many, it’s a chance to break away from a mundane corporate life and do something truly innovative. But it can also be incredibly challenging and, at times, horribly lonely.

As rewarding as leaving corporate life behind might seem, it comes with serious risks, and those can weigh pretty heavily on any entrepreneur’s mind. Small wonder then that many entrepreneurs suffer from anxiety and depression.

But even for those who aren’t clinically diagnosed the road to success can seem more like a mountain traverse. But when everything finally does pull together, the rewards can be massive. So how do you go about persevering, even when things are at their darkest?

Well this infographic from Funders and Founders, together with its accompanying blog, has pretty good tips. Our favourite is the one which points out just how many chances at success you actually have in a lifetime.

How to never give up

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