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Is your Magento store breathing easy? This infographic has the answer

Magento is a massively-popular open-source ecommerce software suite we’ve covered extensively here on Ventureburn. And while many may know what it is and how to get the best out of it, there are always a few more things we can learn (that’s true about most things, in fact).

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With that said, the team over at MoFluid put together a great infographic for those users who just can’t seem to diagnose problems within their ecommerce store.

Entitled “How Healthy is my Ecommerce Store?” the graphic takes users through various stages of diagnosing said problems, from a list of top issues, to how these issues ultimately affect the store. These issues range from looped SQL queries to inefficient memory usage, to redundant data.

Ultimately, the infographic is an interesting spyglass into the world of Magento stores. Have a look at it in full below.


Infographic: MoFluid

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