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5 traits that define entrepreneurial success

Being your own boss can be an exciting prospect. But do you have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur?

Although there is no “one size fits all” theory for entrepreneurial success, there are certain characteristics that are essential in becoming a successful entrepreneur. All successful business magnets, from Enzo Anselmo Ferrari to William Henry ‘Bill’ Gates, share some common traits with one another. Here are five key characteristics that you must possess – or develop – to realise your entrepreneurship dream successfully.

1. Resilience & Adaptability

The entrepreneurial journey is expected to dish out one challenge after another – not only on the business front, but also in your personal life. There are lots of challenges that you need to encounter and find a way out, such as decision-making dilemmas, issues with work-life balance, diminishing profit margin, and financial constraints.

It’s not about how many challenges you face, but instead how you face the challenges. There can be surprises around every corner, and you should be well-prepared to adapt accordingly. If you are to taste success, you must develop a level of resilience to bravely face the slew of challenges without crumbling under pressure.

2. Passion & Motivation

Entrepreneurs are always enthusiastic, optimistic and passionate about what they are doing. It’s impossible to be a successful entrepreneur if you aren’t passionate about your work. Passion fuels the drive to be successful, by providing you with the motivation and confidence to bounce back from critical situations. Without passion, your productivity will suffer. You have to thoroughly enjoy what you are doing, otherwise the obstacles will find a way to dampen your spirits.

3. Patience

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same is true for building a successful business. Nobody becomes a millionaire overnight. Success has to be earned through years of dedication, commitment and hard-work. Successful entrepreneurs realise that bearing fruit takes time.

Patience goes a long way to define entrepreneurial success. You should never get disheartened when your ideas don’t take off immediately. Failure is a part of the game. There will be temporary hardships en-route, but that shouldn’t drive you away from your long-term vision and objectives.

4. Money Management

For any entrepreneurial venture, capital is limited until you are making a steady profit. That’s why it’s important to utilise funds wisely.

No matter if you are bootstrapping your business or have millions of dollars of sponsorship, you will need excellent money management skills in order to be a successful businessman. Great entrepreneurs have a knack of managing finances efficiently and always plan in advance for present and future financial obligations.

Poor financial decisions have always been one of the main reasons behind the demise of entrepreneurial dreams. You never know when your business might face a financial crisis, so be more vigilant in finance-related affairs. Good money management skills will help you sail through such dark times

5. Decisiveness

Entrepreneurs have no room for indecision. The inability to make the right decision at the right time not only can stall your progress, but it may also lead to missed opportunities. That’s why it’s important to make decisions quickly and seize the right opportunities before it’s too late.

To own and run a business successfully, sometimes you may need to take calculated risks. In every entrepreneurial journey, the stakes are high, but the success is not assured. Not every risk will generate a reward. You should evaluate the pros and cons carefully and have a well-planned backup strategy in place just in case it doesn’t pay off.

In order to take the success route, you must be willing to learn from mistakes, improvise and emerge a better decision-maker.

Feature image: catherinedncr via Flickr.

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