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9 mobile apps for an organised entrepreneur

With only 24 hours in a day and too much work to manage, multitasking is crucial for an entrepreneur. The growing technology and super-smart smartphones help you in staying organised and enhance productivity through great value apps. This is done through efficient mobile apps.

Below are a few absolutely essential mobile apps that every startup entrepreneur must use to streamline the daily business activities and increase efficacy.

1. Evernote

Compatibility – Android and iOS
Price – Free

Even though several similar apps are available in the market, Evernote is still indispensable. The app allows you to create digital notebooks, and helps in keeping track of expenses, managing calendars, crafting slideshow presentations, planning your business trips, and a lot more. Evernote also aids in tracking receipts, both business and personal, making it easier to locate expenses in future. Add as many notebooks as you want. You can also take snapshots of your papers, files, important documents, and simply tag them to search on a later date.

2. Intuit Payroll

Compatibility – Android and iOS
Price – Free trial download and thereafter, $74 approximately

Ideal for small businesses, Intuit payroll app brings the complete payroll department to your phone without the use of any workforce. If online payment is the mode you use to pay your employees, this app is perfect for you. It reviews and approves payments, calculates the taxes applicable, manages direct deposits, and even confirms when the funds are withdrawn. The best thing about the app is that it is not loaded with complex features, and requires just a simple setup.

3. Dropbox

Compatibility – Android and iOS
Price – Free

With almost everything going on the cloud, having Dropbox on your phone is a must. Not only does it allow you to store and access business files on your phone on the go, it’s a superb means to back up your data. No need to email files to your client. Even big-sized files can be transferred instantly from your Dropbox account to the clients without the need of any emailing. With exceptional security features, including mobile passcodes and SSL encryption, Dropbox is the preferred app of every entrepreneur.

4. MobileDay

Compatibility – Android and iOS
Price – Free

In the present-day digital age, working from an office is no more a compulsion. Entrepreneurs work from coffee shops, home, office, client locations, and other remote places. Even if you aren’t in the office, MobileDay ensures to remind you of important meetings, scheduled calls or sessions that you may have to attend. It enables you to join the conversation with its one-click functionality. MobileDay is also great in case you’re running late for a meeting. It allows you to send the other attendees a note on your behalf that you won’t make it on time.

5. Skype

Compatibility – Android and iOS
Price – Free

If you aren’t using Skype already, you really haven’t entered the competition yet. Skype is probably the most effective method of communication and instant connectivity with your clients, employees, colleagues, and every important person. It has taken the ease of ‘communication-on-the-go’ to a whole new level with its seamless connectivity and easy-to-use UI. Scheduling conferences and meetings on-the-move is a matter of just a click with Skype.

6. Camcard

Compatibility – Android and iOS
Price – Free

As an entrepreneur, you’re probably always networking. Whether it is the year-round conferences, meetings or even a formal party, a simple exchange of business cards can prove beneficial for your business in future. But, business cards are prone to get lost or damaged. Use Camcard to remedy this. Just click a picture of the card using Camcard and it will automatically upload all the details, including the email accounts, in your mobile phone as a phone contact. The app allows the user to sync the chosen data with various other devices as well.

7. Audible

Compatibility – Android and iOS
Price – Free

Want to read books and important articles, but don’t have the time? Listen to them instead! Yes, reading and sprucing up your mind is essential to come up with new ideas for your business, but if you don’t have time to read, simply hear the content through Audible. The app lets you listen to the books without actually having to sit and read them. Just put on your headphones and enjoy listening to books anywhere you want.

8. Hootsuite

Compatibility – Android and iOS
Price – Free for up to 3 social network accounts. Thereafter, $9.99 per year approximately.

With online presence becoming an integral part of brand establishment, managing social media presence through multiple accounts is a necessity. Hootsuite allows you to plan and execute social media campaigns across various social networks. You can track conversations, and measure and manage your social media campaign results across various platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ Pages (not personal profiles), Foursquare, Instagram, WordPress blogs, and more.

9. Assistive Apps

The life of an entrepreneur is fast-paced. Significant apps that are not directly linked with the business, but are a must-have to ensure the business is not delayed, need to be on your phone. A few great apps such as Uber to ensure you’re never delayed for work or Practo to make sure your health doesn’t hinder your progress graph are of huge benefit. Also, try the Wi-Fi Finder app. It facilitates access to free Wi-Fi whenever possible. The app uses your current location and finds surrounding locations that offer free Wi-Fi. These apps are free of cost and compatible with both, Android and iOS.


The style of business management for entrepreneurs has changed drastically over the years. The advent of latest technology apps has further simplified managing business affairs. These apps incorporate productivity and increase efficiency, and help you in achieving business milestones easily. So, make sure you use your smartphone smartly and install these great apps to stay ahead in the competition.

Author Bio

Rose Martin
Rose Martin is a blogger and her main interest in blogging is for finance, investment, frugal living, family and beauty. When she’s not working, she enjoys cooking, sipping a cold beer and spending time with family. More

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