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Kasipedia: startup directory for SA townships

Kasipedia is a new online directory for SA townships by telecoms startup Maru Telecoms, giving users their own online presence on a platform which caters to localised community interests. It is based out of the Innovation Hub in Pretoria.

Some key features on Kasepedia include an encyclopaedia, a business directory, digital school, a dictionary, and more.

“We are providing a  platform and a portal, where our communities can narrate their own stories about their day-to-day experiences, history, culture, business and share knowledge about places of interest,” said Maru Telecoms representatives in an interview with Ventureburn.

The startup, based out of the Innovation Hub in Pretoria, was founded by skilled entrepreneur Billy Sehume, and tech enthusiast Tsholo Sehume. The duo have bootstrapped the business, investing over R400 000 since they started in January 2014.

Kasipedia gives customers a chance to showcase the best their townships have to offer

The team commented on what drove them to create Kasipedia. “Ideas happens within conversations, we listen to our customers, and also take keen interests of communities where we live to identify their requirements and then come up with tailor-made solution.”

According to the team, their idea for Kasipedia was borne out of frustration. The idea came from “not having the history, culture, way of life and our community’s everyday experiences documented online in one portal”.

What sets themselves apart from other entrepreneurs and startups is their hunger for challenge, according to the team.

“We think it’s important for our team to grow both personally and professionally. It’s important to constantly challenge and stretch ourselves, and not be stuck in a job where we don’t feel like we are growing or learning.”

This hunger ultimately led them to create a sandpit where individuals could “work, play and have fun”, said the duo.

According to the team, their hunger for knowledge drives them to not become comfortable with the status quo, as they’re constantly seeking to innovate.

“We believe in using technology and systems to solve everyday problems. We also believe in taking care of the customer, grow the business and be profitable in the long run,” the team continued.

Featured image: Derek Keats via Flickr 

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