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Sureswipe’s new POS Lite is a game-changer for small retailers and startups

For a small retailer or startup to be successful and move to the next level, it’s important that systems are in place to track inventory, recon and balance merchant batch closure, manage multiple store and staff sales and have immediate access to real-time data that helps make better management decisions.

South Africa’s long-standing fintech player, Sureswipe has launched a new Point of Sale (POS) app and an online business management portal that will change the way small retailers, startups and pop-up shops process card payments from customers and manage their businesses.

Sureswipe POS LITE comprises an app and online portal which makes customer payments far quicker and easier than before and also allows the business owner to split cash and card transactions.

Store owners can offer discounts on specific items, an effective way to gain customer loyalty. A key feature of the new app is that it works not only for the Rand but also for all major currencies, unlocking a big barrier SMEs face when wanting to expand their client base beyond SA’s borders.

POS Lite’s online portal provides accurate information about performance across all outlets and stores at any point in time. Business owners can access information that previously they could only establish by being physically present. By having their fingers on the pulse of their full operation at all times, they can take appropriate action and make informed corrective decisions in good time.

The key features of Sureswipe’s business management portal include:

· Live transactional history

· Sales data

· Stock data, which can be categorised into multiple categories

· Employee data with the ability to have multiple admin logins while the business owner retains control over the transactional history

· Location data per store and region

· Reduced time spent on manual data collection and reporting, and

· Easy data reconciliation.

Sureswipe’s new POS LITE solution will assist start-ups, SMEs, smaller independent retail shops, and the informal trading sector by saving them time and money and allowing them to manage their entire operation in real-time. It has particular relevance for independent retailers wanting to expand.

Sureswipe’s new POS LITE app processes secure payments using debit and credit cards with Sureswipe’s Move card reader. All merchants need to do is to download the Sureswipe POS LITE App from their smart device through the Apple App Store or Android Play store for free. Access to the online portal will then be available https://merchantportal.sureswipe.co.za.

Author Bio

Sureswipe is one of South Africa’s first card payment acceptance companies, established in 2008, to make card payment acceptance easy and accessible to independent retailers and service providers. It offers a suite of products that together allow for efficient, affordable and safe payment systems. Over 6,500 independent retailers across... More

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