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Ventureburn announces media partnership agreement with Seedstars

Ventureburn today announced a media partnership with Seedstars, one of the world’s leading organisations that supports startups in emerging markets.

The partnership will see the two organisations working together to share news and analysis on startups and impact investment in Africa.

Seedstars will carry regular Ventureburn content on its various web platforms — which include www.seedstars.com, www.seedstarsworld.com and www.seedspace.co among others. Ventureburn will likewise regularly carry articles written by members of Seedstars’ team.

Seedstars invests in and support startups in emerging markets. It does so through Seedstars World, one of the world’s leading competitions which invests up to $1-million in emerging market startups from over 60 countries, a network of hubs that fall under its Seedspace brand and by investing in selected startups.

Seedstars PR and media lead Ana Vasquez welcomed the partnership. “We have a deep knowledge of the ecosystems where we operate and we truly believe that partnering with Ventureburn will allow more people to have access to that expertise, thus increasing the impact of what we do,” she said.

The partnership between Seedstars and Ventureburn will see the two organisations working together to share news and analysis on startups and impact investment in Africa

She added that Seedstars’ community “will also benefit a lot from the way Ventureburn analyses and discloses information, with a strict sense of quality and exemption.

“It is important to say that this agreement does not prevent Seedstars from collaborating with other media in the region in the fulfilment of our mission: to impact people’s lives in emerging markets through technology and entrepreneurship,” she added.

Ventureburn editor Stephen Timm said Seedstars is one of the world’s leading organisations supporting tech startups in emerging economies, and pointed out that the publication has already been closely following the organisation for some years.

“We are already reporting to a large degree on Seedstars — on Seedstars World, the global competition for startups from emerging markets and on Seedspace — which runs the organisation’s co-working sites and hubs around the world. This agreement seeks to build on that,” he said.

He emphasised however that the agreement does not preclude Ventureburn from running any critical stories on the organisation. “The agreement merely amplifies the publication’s coverage of Seedstars, but will not limit or change Ventureburn’s principles of reporting critically, objectively and fairly on the startup ecosystem,” he said.

Featured image: The 2018 Seedstars World global winner, Ghanaian startup Agrocenta, pictured on stage at the Seedstars World Summit in Lausanne, Switzerland in April, with members of the Seedstars team (Supplied)

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