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All posts by Adrian Dommisse

Adrian Dommisse
Adrian has extensive experience in corporate and financial transactions across Africa, Europe, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. He has worked both as an attorney (ENSafrica and Webber Wentzel) and as a financial professional (five years as a credit analyst and director at Fitch Ratings in London, and 2 years as an investment banker at Unicredit in London) building up 20 years’ experience in structuring and analysing cross border transactions across the EMEA region. Adrian founded Dommisse Attorneys law firm in 2008, and holds three degrees in economics and law (including a Masters degree in Company Law and International Law). He entered the profession in 1998 and was admitted in 2001.
  • What startups should know about tax, when setting up an overseas company

    No matter how small the world is becoming or how much of a global village we live in, each country’s tax authorities need to be treated fairly and honestly. It simply means that if genuine value is created in Country A, you need to account to Country A’s tax authority for that value and pay tax in Country A. These last two short sentences have been the subject of literally millions of lines of legislation and law textbooks, but if you appreciate the principle and comply, you are unlikely to fall afoul of the dreaded revenue services. This article is...

  • How to structure functions and operations across your international group

    You’re a South African and want to set up an offshore company -- but a business has so many functions. There's the finance department, the sales unit, the product development division and countless other functions. Which of these should you allocate to your planned overseas company? In this, my third article in this series aimed at clients who are building an international business structure (see the first here and second here), I will talk about allocating the functions and operations across each company in your group – bearing in mind that your goal is that of building value offshore. Start by identifying each...

  • Here’s how SA startups can legally create an offshore company

    If you're a South African setting up an offshore company needn't be a headache. In this, my second article on how to build international business structures (see the first here), I will explain what your international company structure looks like, from an SA perspective. An international group owned by South Africans will look different to a SA company based in South Africa. This is because South African’s have specific restrictions placed on them by exchange control. This article explains why the structure will look different, and how it can achieve the desired end result anyway. As a starting point, here is the typical startup company: Offshore firm...

  • The ins and outs of taking your startup offshore

    In the vast majority of cases, the real reason why clients hope to build their business offshore is to improve the future prospects of attracting investment, or selling the business. But when else is it a good idea for your startup to set up an office offshore? Here is the first in a series of articles on what it entails to set up an overseas office and the offshore structures available. There is a lot for business founders to get their heads around, and there is only so much time clients can spend (and pay for!) in legal consultations. So, I ask you to...

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