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All posts by Ahmed Raza

  • 5 pro tips for building the launchpad to business success

    Innovation and passion are at the core of every great business, but making your dream a reality requires some fundamental ingredients for success. Of course, there's the paperwork, and then the difficulty involved in raising capital. But many wide-eyed wantrepreneurs forget about the importance of research and testing to fine-tune their approach. I've had the opportunity to fail, fail, and fail again before finally meeting success with my own series of startups. Below I'll share a few observations from my experience, which will hopefully help you kick-start your entrepreneurial journey with fewer scrapes and bruises. 1. Read Veraciously As Aldous Huxley once...

  • 4 Ecommerce strategies for reaching a newly defined middle-class

    The Dot-com bubble at the turn of the century was part of a new focus on technology in the digital age. Today we take for granted that we can check our email, keep up to date with our family and friends, and even complete entire assignments for work from a small rectangle that fits in the palm of our hand. Information that used to take hours of research in a library to acquire is now available through a 2.7 second Google search. We are in a new age of instantaneous information, and as the economy shifts to compensate for these...

  • 4 reasons successful people celebrate failure

    Failure is harsh, unforgiving and brutal. Failure doesn’t see skin color, ethnicity or socio-economic background. It’s an equal-opportunity offender and is always lurking just around the corner. As an entrepreneur, the likelihood that your company will be worth US$1-billion one day is less than 1 in 10 000, or 0.0001%. Even for those that just do "okay", the attrition rate of startups in the US is roughly 50%. If you’re going to build a business, or go into business for yourself, you're signing up for some sort of failure. But that’s a good thing! Wait, what? 1. Failure oftentimes isn't our...

  • 10 unpredicted things every business plan needs

    The biggest question for businesses is whether its business plan is doing all it can to handle unforeseen problems. Some businesses may be bold enough to argue that there is no such thing as a plan for handling unexpected events. However, there will be some who go by the book by planning ahead and picking a right business plan template, create a holistic step by step strategy and then hire a team that can execute the plan. During the whole planning process, a lot of things can go wrong, this publication seeks to rectify such thoughts by providing you with ten...

  • 8 tips for marketing your startup on a shoestring budget

    While success has many fathers, failure is considered as an orphan. Sailing your entrepreneurial stint to success has its own challenges. Most startups fail within their first two years of operation. Of those, 75% fail due to pre-mature scaling. This means that startup companies spend too much money on aspects such as marketing, hiring and so on before the business has secured further sources of financing. As an entrepreneur, I have seen many failures. At the same time I have managed to sail a couple of projects to the top, the toughest of which was Pakistani.pk. I have been able to...

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