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All posts by Annstella Mumbi

Annstella Mumbi
Annstella Mumbi is a tech entrepreneur from Kenya and the co-f0under of Nuovo Technologies Limited. See more on her blog annstellamumbi.com.
  • Expat founders: So where are all the African entrepreneurs? [Opinion]

    I get utterly distraught every time I open a new TechCrunch article of a startup with a Swahili name disrupting a certain sphere of Africa only to find a foreigner founder and director. In a good case scenario, there will be one or two "local" founders on the list but that’s not as common. Do not get me wrong, I have nothing against "foreigner" founders. I, however, have a very big problem with its normalisation as a catalyst for running a successful startup in Africa. I went to engineering school where we graduated in the hundreds from the different departments. Where...

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