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All posts by Anthony Farr

Anthony Farr
Anthony's belief in the power of education and his zeal for the upliftment of others inspires him in his CEO responsibilities to drive the mandate of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation and deliver on its objectives. Anthony, a co-founder of the Starfish Greathearts Foundation, has a Bachelor of Business Science (Finance) and has completed the Chartered Financial Analyst qualification.
  • Is intrapreneurship a myth or could it be a key differentiator for your business?

    In recent years the power and potential of entrepreneurship has become more and more entrenched in public debate and the attention on this particular field of human endeavour has increased exponentially. This shift was well captured by Jonathan Ortmans, CEO of Global Entrepreneurship Week, when commenting that, “Entrepreneurship has been transformed from a subject of narrow commercial significance into one of substantive cultural consequence that signifies the potential of human endeavour for the benefit of all.” And it is in this seeking “benefit for all” that increasing attempts are being made to harness the entrepreneurial spirit in a range of different...

  • Living in the future: why imagination is our most important resource

    A sophisticated pill bottle that harnesses the internet of things by glowing when medication is required, failing which an audible alarm is activated, before finally sending a text message to a designated person to ensure that chronic medication is never missed; A unit to process sewerage in a way that harvests methane, water, biomass and nutrition for growing food; A shopping cart that automatically calculates the cost of items through sensors as goods are placed in the cart; Public sleep cubicles that address the rampant levels of sleep deprivation affecting society; An unsnoozable ankle alarm bracelet that only turns...

  • The most important question an entrepreneur can ask themselves? It’s all about mindset

    Every year at this time we are bombarded with numerous articles on New Year’s resolutions and goal setting for the year ahead. And yet the average person makes the same New Year’s resolution 10 separate times without success. In a similar manner the entrepreneurial equation is equally hope depleting as business failures track at around nine out of every 10 initiatives started. Imagine if one simple question could unlock the answer to greater success. Surely life is not that simple? When delving into the stories of individuals who have achieved great significance in the world of entrepreneurship and business -...

  • Can entrepreneurship be taught?

    For decades, entrepreneurship has been viewed as something risky and mysterious that only a few lucky mavericks could master. This perception has been fuelled by a public reverence for successful individuals, who seem to have had no formal training to which their entrepreneurial success could be attributed. Some educational institutions have also shunned or quashed entrepreneurship as a non-discipline, something unteachable and incongruous with traditional discipline-based courses. Whilst the significance of entrepreneurship for a country’s economy is rarely disputed, the much-debated question is whether entrepreneurship is an elusive and exclusive "talent" that is inherent in some, or whether it can...

  • Where is SA’s entrepreneurial spirit?

    Economically, America is almost three times larger than its nearest rival, and despite its size, it is one of the most productive economies in the world. This begs the question: What makes America the most successful economy the world has ever witnessed? The obvious reasons don’t provide us with a ready explanation though. What about education? Education is the ultimate driver of development, so surely America must have the best education system in the world. The reality is that, especially at the primary and secondary levels, many other countries have far better education systems than America. What about manufacturing? At the heart...

  • Can entrepreneurs thrive in corporate settings?

    Does working for a company preclude an individual from being an entrepreneur? Most certainly not; indeed, some of the best innovations and developments are achieved by people who are working for large corporations. The difference is that within these organisations, entrepreneurship – and critical thinking - is actively encouraged, not only in the research and development departments, but in the managerial suites too. With the global economy slowly coming out of a...

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