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All posts by Brett Terespolsky

Brett Terespolsky
Brett is the CEO and co-founder of Switch Innovation. It’s 2015 and two innovative thinkers — both with a track record of working in corporate banking and establishing disruptive startups — are having a conversation about the need to track innovation. It’s also become apparent that in a lot of corporates there’s an over-reliance on the opinion of senior figures around new product releases, instead of looking to customers (and the market) for feedback on what they want. What do they figure is missing? A trusted, non-competitive space for innovative thinkers to share best practice and highlight the pitfalls that come with the innovation game. And, that’s how the Switch Innovation Club is born. With the support of teams from a few partner companies, who all believe in innovation as a business necessity, thinkers and dreamers alike, openly discuss their challenges and help each other avoid a few common mistakes.
  • Why startups should consider user experience (UX) before user adoption

    So, you have decided that an application is a solution to your problem. First, beware, your user may not want it. This applies to all types of applications (web, mobile, etc). The key issue is gaining user interest. I’m not talking about the general desirability of your application. You would have already tested that by following Design Thinking methodology. However, that was a rough paper prototype. So, what now? Make sure that your app user experience (UX) is flawless. An app that is easy and fun to use has fewer resistance factors. Prototype! Prototype! Prototype! I hear you saying, "I don’t have the...

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