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All posts by Craig Mullett

Craig Mullett
Craig Mullett is President of Branison Group, a corporate finance firm based near New York City, and a co-founder of the SA Business Angel Network.
  • Despite global outlook African startup investors can get high returns [Opinion]

    The global investor outlook is shifting quickly downward, with many macro approaches underperforming due to risks from trade wars, political uncertainty and inflation. Yet one investment thesis remains relatively intact -- technology is empowering smaller businesses to get started with minimal capital and innovate rapidly to outperform their larger competitors. These startups are not significantly influenced by macro-economic factors and are nimble enough to navigate with or around them. In this context, it was exciting to attend online startup funding platform VC4A and the African Business Angels Network's (ABAN) African Early Stage Investor Summit held earlier this month in Cape Town. Read more: Africa no Silicon Valley and other key...

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