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All posts by Darlene Menzies

Darlene Menzies
Darlene Menzies is CEO of SMEasy, an online, easy-to-use Accounting and Business Management System, it is uniquely designed for small business owners who are not familiar with accounting. SMEasy is an innovative proudly South African Solution that has won a number of awards locally and internationally.
  • Foreign investment injection could propel South Africa’s VC ecosystem, 12J funds

    Ask any tech startup and they’ll tell you that raising venture capital (VC) in South Africa is not easy, that said, it’s a lot easier than it was seven years ago. Back then it was next to impossible to get VC funding. The local VC ecosystem is in its 10th year of building and while by US or Israel standards we may still be in our infancy. Yet for an industry that has had to entirely bootstrap itself we’ve done very well, but we still have a long way to go. The US and Israel ecosystem developments were both significantly bolstered...

  • 7 tools that make an entrepreneur’s day simpler and more productive

    Busy entrepreneurs have many responsibilities to manage each day, from doing the admin and managing finances, to attending meetings, conference calls and networking to overseeing staff and communicating with customers and suppliers. During these busy times technology is a big enabler, entrepreneurs benefit greatly from the apps and online resources they have at their disposal. Below are some online resources that make an entrepreneur’s day simpler, more convenient and more productive. 1. Banking apps The reality for a small business is that you need agility; to be able to do things immediately. Whether it’s to do payments and transfers...

  • How to get your startup hooked up

    Being an entrepreneur or small-business owner can be a lonely place; so getting to interact with other like-minded individuals, and being exposed to business opportunities, can be challenging. Here are a few things you should know about building your business relationships: While we focus on our personal relationships in the month of love, many business owners forget that their business relationships also need nurturing to ensure success. One of the best ways to do this is through business networking and being involved in business ‘match-making’ forums. Many people cringe at the idea of going to networking sessions or forums....

  • 5 misconceptions that are holding your startup back from unlocking the cloud’s true value

    In any developing economy, the potential benefits of ‘cloud based’ products, particularly for SMMEs, cannot be ignored. Yet for many a small business owner, the concept of ‘the cloud’ is still a foggy haze. The ‘cloud’ is most easily understood by small business owners as software services that are accessed via the internet, rather than software loaded on your computer, and where you are only charged for what you use or the use of the software for a certain period of time as opposed to an outright purchase of the software. With cloud based software service you...

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