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All posts by Daryl Blundell

Daryl Blundell
As Managing Director for Sage SSB (start-up and small business) Accounting South & Southern Africa, Daryl Blundell oversees the growth of the business and the development of solutions that help SMEs to grow and succeed. The Sage solutions under his watch are Sage One Accounting and Sage Pastel Accounting. Blundell brings to his role 20 years of experience in a range of sales, business development and management positions with organisations such as Ariel Technologies, Sun Microsystems, Systems fusion, Burlington Air Express, and Xerox. Prior to his recent promotion to his new position, Blundell was the general manager of Sage Pastel Accounting. Before that, he was sales director at Sage Pastel Accounting, having joined the company in 2007. Over the years, Blundell has played an instrumental role in developing and implementing Sage Pastel Accounting's business and sales strategy.
  • 5 security tips for anyone wanting to start an ecommerce store

    An increasing number of people with an entrepreneurial mindset are setting up ecommerce sites, thanks to increased access to the Internet and mobile services, a growing middle class and the availability of online tools that are easy to use. A McKinsey & Company report recently revealed that ecommerce could account for 10% of retail sales in Africa's largest economies by 2025. Unfortunately, this growth is also attracting the interest of cyber criminals, ready to take advantage of unsuspecting Small & Medium Business owners. But if you use the right tools - setting up an online store can be incredibly...

  • 6 ways to master the challenges of building your own business

    Starting a business is about passion, hard work and sacrifice. Entrepreneurs are the drivers of prosperity, but this can sometimes be a daunting task. The challenges are immeasurable and small business owners can often feel isolated, overwhelmed and despondent. By using these six essential skills, this no longer needs to be the case: 1. Focus on the future and be prepared There will always be competition, especially if it’s an industry with low barriers of entry. Instead of looking in your rear view mirror, drive for daylight. Keep your eyes on the road and your focus on the horizon. When...

  • 4 accounting hacks that’ll keep your startup afloat — and profitable

    Many entrepreneurs are not equipped to survive the years of hard work and reach overall success. Lack of finance is one of the biggest reasons for this. For many small and medium business owners, managing finances is one of the most challenging tasks. Poor accounting practices leave business owners in the dark as to their financial standing. While in many companies, this is a role fulfilled by the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), in a startup, this is just one of the many hats the entrepreneur needs to wear. Entrepreneurs make life sacrifices, take risks to follow their dreams and...

  • How your startup can make a fresh start in 2016

    The start of a New Year is always a great time to re-evaluate your business plans and operations, and ask yourself if there’s anything you could do better. Here are a few ideas for getting a good start to 2016: 1. Set your goals for the year ahead During the first few days of the New Year, take a bit of time to think about your goals for the calendar year ahead. Focus especially on the aspects of your business that you neglect in the busyness of day-to-day survival. Do you want to target new customer segments? Fix up your ageing IT setup? Hire new...

  • 5 tips on how entrepreneurs can take control of their cash flow

    Cash flow management is the discipline of ensuring that more money is coming into to your business than you need to pay out each month. Cash flow will be tight in the early months and years of your startup’s life, so you must monitor it closely at all times. Here are a few tips about how you can optimise your cash flow. 1. It begins with budgeting Too many small business owners wing their finances when they should be spending time upfront on budgeting and forecasting. Drawing up a budget and forecasting your cash flow for the month or year isn’t voodoo...

  • Here’s why SMEs should be wary of information security

    If you run a small business, you may think that data breaches and cybercrime are concerns mostly for big banks, retailers and telecoms companies. But in the worst case scenario, a data breach or a loss of customer information can be expensive to rectify, result in your business losing customers, and hurt your company’s reputation for years to come. Not just for big firms Even though headlines about data breaches and losses focus on big companies like Sony and Dropbox, small businesses are not immune.  The UK’s Federation of Small Businesses found that 41% of SMEs in that country suffered from...

  • How to choose the right tech to boost your small business

    As a small business owner, you have plenty of choice when it comes to affordable technology that helps you run an efficient, responsive and productive company. Accounting and payroll software takes the pain out of dealing with SARS and other authorities, while making it easy to keep accurate financial records. Mobile broadband and smartphones mean that you can access business information while you’re on the road and stay in touch with colleagues and customers wherever you are. And the web has opened access to a global marketplace of customers and suppliers for even the smallest of SMEs. Read more: 16 growth...

  • Hampered by load shedding? Here’s a survival guide for your startup

    Load shedding is here to stay, so every small business needs to take steps to protect its systems and data when the lights go out as well as from power surges when electricity is restored after an outage. PCs are sensitive to power cuts, power dips and power surges, so take the necessary steps to protect them. When Eskom cuts the power, you could not only lose the latest changes to the files you're working on, your open files could become so corrupted or damaged that you will not be able to restore them. Here are some suggestions about how you...