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All posts by Graham van der Made: Editor

  • African online sellers to get logistics upgrade, more jobs

    This week, Nigeria’s two largest marketplaces, Jumia and Kaymu, announced a fulfillment and delivery platform joint initiative for Africa. Their goal is to provide online sellers in Africa with a system to deliver their products and create jobs. The joint initiative is called Africa Internet Group (AIG) Express. AIG itself provides easy-to-use services and solutions across the African internet market and are part of Africa's startup ecosystem. Indrek Heinloo, who is leading the initiative, says a larger delivery network needs to be put in place of Africa. We’re currently delivering up to 100,000 packages a day for Jumia and Kaymu, and we...

  • Survey highlights key areas where SA entrepreneurs struggle

    Today, the school for entrepreneurship, Seed Academy, released the results of a survey polling more than 900 startup entrepreneurs. These respondents have been in business for under five years and the results show what key challenges they have been facing during this time. Donna Rachelson, director of Seed Academy, explains the motivation behind the survey: We have trained hundreds of entrepreneurs and have picked up common problems. This national survey gives us hard evidence to help create a more sustainable and successful startup culture in South Africa. We hope it will create impetus for industry and government to align efforts. The main...

  • Nigeria’s CcHub incubator announces latest ventures

    On Monday, Nigeria’s social innovation centre in Lagos Co-creation Hub (CcHUB) announced three new ventures were added to its Incubation program. Each of the ventures -- Grit Systems, Mamalette, and Autobox -- will receive seed funding between US$15 000 and US$25 000. In addition to this, the incubator provides mentoring, business development support, and office space for the selected companies. All of these services are critical to each company’s growth. Started five years ago, CcHUB has hosted over 50 early-stage ventures. The startups recently announced join the likes of Traclist, Truppr, Wecyclers and Vacantboards. CcHUB in December 2014 graduated BudgIT, the first venture...

  • Education platform launches to help you set up your online shop

    Starting an online store can be a daunting process and isn't as simple as installing ecommerce software on your web server. It requires a lot of work and planning. MasterStart recently launched its e-learning platform in order to address these issues and help those wanting to start an online store. MasterStart is an online education provider and platform focusing on interactive courses for budding entrepreneurs. The system teaches users how to create an ecommerce store, how to market it, and what skills will be needed in the running of their new venture. It is marketed as a practical launch pad...

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