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All posts by Itai Elizur

Itai Elizur
Itai Elizur is the COO at Inbound Junction, a content marketing agency specialising in helping startups and business increase their online visibility.
  • How South Africans can take more advantage of the growing gig economy

    If you haven't noticed, the worldwide workforce is shifting away from traditional nine-to- five roles and toward a flexible freelance economy. English-speaking nations such as the US and the UK are both producing and hiring independent workers at a rapid rate. About half of the UK's working population will be self-employed within the next five years, while one-third of the US workforce is made up of freelancers. But why is this good news for South Africans? Making the most of your business today means going far beyond your own backyard. As a result, non-native English speakers have the potential to work across...

  • What South Africa can learn from burgeoning tech scene in Poland

    South Africa has been in hot water politically and economically after the country’s credit rating was downgraded to “junk status” earlier this month. Despite this the local currency has shown resilience and economists believe that policy changes should steer the country towards a recovery. According to its central bank governor, the country is still attracting capital flows which should be good news for South Africa’s tech scene. Africa, as a continent, has a growing tech scene with 314 active tech hubs. South Africa leads the continent with 54, according to a recent graphic by GSMA Ecosystem Accelerator. But if there’s a tech scene South...

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