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All posts by Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais

Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais
Jean-Claude Bastos de Morais is an internationally active Swiss-Angolan entrepreneur and innovation influencer and has founded and led numerous businesses over the course of his career. In 2009 he founded the African Innovation Foundation (AIF) which aims to unleash Africa's dormant potential and support sustainable projects that improve the lives and the future of people in Africa. He began his career as management consultant and holds a Master of Arts in Management of the University of Fribourg in Switzerland.
  • Investors are a driving force in shaping Africa’s entrepreneurial ecosystem

    If we look at the startup landscape in Africa (and read the press) it is clear that fintech is one of the fastest growing sectors on the continent. The African Tech Startups Funding Report, released in January by Disrupt Africa found that in 2016, 29.6% of startup investment in the region went to fintech companies. Read more: Report: African tech startups receive funding boost in 2016 This $55-million sum is a clear indication that there is energy and ambition among entrepreneurs and innovators for fintech -- and significant appetite from investors. However, fintech is only part of the picture. The entrepreneurial base has rapidly grown...

  • Are Africa’s innovation hubs helping innovators realise their full potential?

    Much has changed in Africa since 2014 when oil-rich nations began to see their incomes slide and the global recovery began to falter. During these years of change, African governments redoubled their focus on economic diversity and innovation, which we know go hand-in-hand. Yet in the context of a region that continues to suffer from high levels of poverty, disparate infrastructure and young capital markets, Africa's entrepreneurs continue to face an uphill struggle. Africa needs to accelerate enterprise – it is a region that is set to become the youngest population on the planet, hungry for economic success; stymied...

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