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All posts by Jonathan Inngs

Jonathan Inngs
Jonathan Inggs, but to most people simply, Jinggs- Brand Manager at the Grand Daddy Hotel. Occasional hazard and all round commentator on all things relevent or not, Jinggs occupies the position of Brand Manager at the iconic Grand Daddy Hotel- some say all he does all day is sit on Facebook and Twitter and they would be correct, but he gets up to some other stuff too.
  • Collective buying: Great for consumers, but what about providers?

    Social media is slowly being adopted amongst the hospitality industry, and the phenomenon of collective buying as developed by Groupon is serving to reinforce the fact that the times they are a-changing. But how much value will this new business model add to an industry already battling to remain profitable? Social media, at this time in it's evolution, is beginning to leverage the awesome potential it has for crowdsourcing and collective action. It's a critical juncture, particularly for the hospitality industry, as these two worlds converge and begin to find some common ground. But first, a little insight into the...

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