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All posts by Kenneth Hogrefe

Kenneth Hogrefe
Kenneth Hogrefe is a Danish entrepreneur living in Angola. He's the CEO and founder of Tech Africa Pte. Ltd, a Venture Capital supported tech company focused on African online classifieds, as well as the owner of rapidly growing property and automotive classified websites in Angola: AngloCarro and AngoCasa. He writes about Africa's emerging tech scene and the amazing investment opportunities on his blog www.kennethhogrefe.com
  • The world of venture capital and a peep into the basics

    Every thriving company has a founding story behind them. Usually it involves college dropouts, friends experimenting in a garage or products sold individually. It makes us wonder how they achieve it. Their success is connected to their passion, perseverance, innovation and usually just being lucky. But the important role venture capital plays in the founding of a company doesn’t usually get told. The money provided to startups in exchange for partial ownership in a business is called venture capital. It helps in changing the direction and potential of the company. Nowadays, it is a necessary in part in industries for...

  • What you need to know about investing in tech startups

    There are plenty of innovative technology startups out there offering incredible opportunities for investors. Despite this, the profits generated by such startups are not always guaranteed, and neither is their success rate. Thus, when an investor thinks of investing in these startups, a wide array of factors will need to come into play. These include the expertise of the founder as well as the scalability of the startup. Figuring that out may seem like tedious work, but it is much better than burning your money in a startup that will prove to be unsuccessful. Expertise, Network and Skill set of...

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