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All posts by Louw Barnardt

Louw Barnardt
Louw Barnardt is the MD of Outsourced CFO - a financial consulting business tailored to startups and SME’s and understands your business' financial needs.
  • Small Business Corporation regime takes sting out of tax on those early profits

    Tax season is open - and the SA Revenue Service (Sars) is on a mission this year. Fiscal budgets are under immense pressure. South Africa's political and economic circumstances has seen an exodus of both tax payers and taxable assets. Many wealth management firms make a living purely from helping high net worth individuals move their income-generating assets abroad. It means that tax paying entities operating in South Africa will be under more scrutiny this year than ever before. The 2017 tax season for individuals opened at the beginning of this month. The company provisional tax deadline follows close behind it. As business owner,...

  • How AI is enabling accountants to move from record keepers to strategic advisors

    Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have been two major buzzwords of late. Progress in this field of technology will undoubtedly alter the world as we know it in decades to come. In this the field of accounting is no different. Very real progress in the field of cloud accounting is already enabling business owners to do more, faster -- enabling incredible jumps in growth and profitability potential. Cloud accounting refers to using cloud-based software to run the accounting function of a business. This new approach is fast replacing the old desktop versions of accounting software. And for good reason! Here below...

  • Unpacking South Africa’s tech startup and scaleup investor landscape

    Getting access to the right seed and growth finance is critical to the success of most emerging technology companies. But finding the right investor can be a daunting task for any founding team. You have to deal with different mandates, big egos, various terms and long lock-in periods just to start discussions and there are many boxes to tick. In working on over R300-million worth of seed and growth finance deals for our clients (see the infographic below), our team has seen it all. Without significant direction, founders can spend months worth of crucial time and energy in pursuit of an investor instead...

  • Tripling the bottom line: 5 keys to unlocking massive jumps in profit

    In today’s economy, making a profit is tough and maintaining profit is even harder, but doubling and tripling it is a whole other ball game. We know it’s not all about the money, but without money you cannot realise any of the dreams that you have for your business. We have managed to more than triple our bottom line profit from the previous period within the first half of this year. Our team is now applying the keys and practices that enabled this growth to our clients’ companies with similar success. Here are five of the most important keys to...

  • 5 key steps to getting your startup ready for funding

    It’s the age of the startup. Technology is enabling us to solve more problems at a greater speed than ever before. Solutions to big enough problems often have commercial value -- leading to new enterprises being founded. New companies are formed and funded faster than ever before. Gaining access to the lifeblood of seed capital is critical for any high growth startup. You need to be fast to market with enough resources to develop your product, gain traction and unlock value. But a strong team, good infrastructure and market access all create a burn that cannot be bootstrapped for long. So you...

  • Art of the Deal: 6 steps to closing that next investment

    The world is ablaze with high-growth startups that are making headlines and raising millions. With the world economy in the state that it is, governments and private sector role players all know that global growth will need to be driven by young companies that find new ways of solving problems through innovation and technology. Private investors have also caught on, with the amount of angel and venture investors that are snapping up high potential companies increasing. Locally, heavyweights like Michael Jordaan and Vinny Lingham are paving the way and peaking interest in investment in successful local startups. Are you scouting for...

  • 7 steps to becoming a successful entrepreneur in your 20s

    They say that wisdom comes with age. But does success only come to the older generation? The economic world is finally ready to start making its comeback after more than half a decade of slow growth and painful retraction. The playing field has been leveled by this; large corporates are tightening their belts while the eyes of the world are looking to the entrepreneur and the innovator to kick-start growth. In the coming years, new players will enter markets and new markets will be created. The known brands who are too slow to adapt to change will make room for new, more...

  • Funding, partners, tax: how SA entrepreneurs can get the most out of their money

    Big match temperament is a prerequisite for entrepreneurship. As an entrepreneur you have to make big decisions on a daily basis that impact various aspects of your company. ‘Going with your gut’ is great for intuitive leadership and direction for your business, but when it comes to financial decision-making when steering your business, making sure that you have thoroughly thought through all the implications of a big decision greatly increases your chances of it being the right one. Putting money into the business and taking money out of your business are, however, not ‘gut feel’ decisions. Taking financial leadership around these two...

  • Cash flow management: why startups shouldn’t ignore it and how to get started

    The saying rings true: Turnover is vanity, profit is reality, cash flow is sanity. The importance of cash flow management in business. With looming deadlines, urgent customers, growing priorities and narrowing margins robbing you of your sleep at night, I know how far down 'proper' financial management is on your list of things to do. For entrepreneurs, financial management seems like a luxury afforded to more-established businesses, and definitely not something we need to apply in the early days of business start-up. Flat-Line or Life-Line? Everyone has heard the stats on failure rates of startups, and been duly alarmed. "Surely the maths is simple," I...

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