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All posts by Manish Bhalla

Manish Bhalla
Manish Bhalla is the CEO and founder of FATbit Technologies, a web based company mainly acknowledged for offering pertinent ecommerce solutions. As a technology consultant and the brains behind various software, his major focus remains on making the journey of tech startups stress-free and successful. Being an avid reader and a seasoned professional, he likes to share thoughts on various trends that are crucial for online businesses through startup/entrepreneurship based blogs. You can read more of his posts on other blogs too.
  • 8 key factors affecting your ecommerce platform’s SEO

    For each and every website owner, SEO is the most critical aspect. However, very few know its importance as far as ecommerce marketplaces are concerned. Studies have suggested that 44% of all online purchases begin with an online search. This means that every other order placed on your ecommerce store originates from search results. Despite this, most business owners are not aware of necessary SEO features while looking for an ecommerce platform. While some of these platforms offer just basic SEO features, others charge a premium for add-on options. Why is SEO important for ecommerce platforms? Let us look at an example...

  • Which ecommerce platform will do justice to your business plan?

    Startup wave has hit the world and given birth to various big and small ecommerce websites. Following this, everyone aspires to build Etsy like startup but they either lack software choices or knowledge of a multi-vendor script/system required to create an online store. The game is much simple for entrepreneurs who want to sell their own goods or services online as a normal ecommerce store will do for them. But, if it’s about launching a store like eBay & Etsy, you need to find out a startup friendly ecommerce solution (combined with multi-vendor features) first. There is plenty of...

  • 7 reasons why customers are abandoning your mobile shopping cart

    Shopping cart abandonment rate has always been a big concern for ecommerce retailers, but the rise of m-commerce has given this crucial metric a whole new dimension. The average shopping cart abandonment rate falls around 68%, but for mobile it is a distressing 97%. Meaning, out of 100 filled carts, only three will turn into sales. More and more people are browsing products on their smartphones, but the stats clearly tell that they are far less inclined to make final purchase on mobile devices. Shopping cart is one of the major reasons why mobile users of certain sites abandon cart...

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