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All posts by Mark Hasebroock

Mark Hasebroock
Mark Hasebroock is an entrepreneur to the core. Mark started his career at First National Bank in Omaha before becoming an early franchisee at Vic’s Popcorn and working 12 years as an investment banker at McCarthy & Company. He then returned to his entrepreneurial roots, cofounding GiftCertificates.com during the internet craze of the late 1990s. In 2002, Mark cofounded Hayneedle Inc. – a privately-held online home product retailer based in Omaha, bringing the company from zero to hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue. Hayneedle eventually sold to Jet.com in 2016. Between GiftCertificates and Hayneedle, Mark raised over $150M in venture capital from the likes of Sequoia Capital and Insight Venture Partners. Mark went on to found Dundee VC in 2010, in order to help entrepreneurs like himself find hands-on, knowledgeable capital providers that could help a startup grow from an idea through to an exit.
  • 5 easy steps to a successful seed round

    Too often, entrepreneurs go into a meeting with a venture capital firm as if the result is already a fait accompli, assuming that the venture capitalist has all of the power. They could not be more wrong. While the investor may have already formed an initial opinion, their thoughts are by no means final. Your presentation will be the deciding factor. With this in mind, most entrepreneurs should be taking a much more proactive approach to raising their first successful seed round. If you are an entrepreneur and the most you know about seed round funding is from what you...

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