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Matt Cohen
Matthew Cohen is a web developer, WordPress enthusiast, avid musician, music lover and blogger. He enjoys coding WordPress plugins and themes, custom web-based applications and playing guitar to a good beat.
  • Cred and the art of micropayments

    The topic of micropayments has struck a heated note amongst online paywall experts and content providers. There are many who denounce the system, marking it as a tried-and-failed experiment, while others proclaim it as the future of online transactions. A micropayment can be defined as a financial transaction of a small sum of money, usually in an online context. PayPal defines this sum at US$12.00 or less, in terms of its own micropayment system. For the average end-user, micropayments are extremely useful. For a minor fee, the user can gain access to their desired content, albeit only in bite-sized...

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