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All posts by Megan Bernstein

Megan Bernstein
Megan has a love and passion for great brands and extraordinary advertising. She is a true Generation Y baby. Immersed in all forms of new age marketing finding it an invaluable tool. Social media strategist for DigitLab by day, blogger for under5foot and Memeburn by night.
  • 3 ways startup founders can get maximum value from networking events

    Networking is an important part of business, and making connections with the right people is key. If you’re a business owner or startup, networking plays an even bigger role in terms of growing your client base and making connections in your industry. One of the ways to make connections, meet new people, and ultimately let the world know who you are and what you’re about is to attend conferences, seminars, parties and various other industry events to grow your network. But if you’re not a natural people person, you might need some pointers. 1. Research speakers and attendees ahead...

  • How does shopper psychology apply to social commerce? [Infographic]

    No purchase decision happens by chance. Every thought leading up to why you need the product -- from the rational versus emotional arguments about what the product will offer to the intrinsic and extrinsic benefits -- are all weighed up and part of a very complicated decision-making process. It's all about questions Things like: "Do I need it? Why do I need it? Can I afford it? Can I get it cheaper? What will my friends think? What will my mom think? What will the bank think? How do I use it? When will I use it? Will I use...

  • How Facebook’s Open Graph could take f-commerce to a whole new level

    So did you get up at the crack of dawn to get your free Wimpy breakfast last week? I didn't, but driving into work I did hear it being discussed at large on various radio stations and they too shared my sentiment of not fully understanding the fascination and dedication of people to get up so early, use their petrol and rush to stand in a queue for breakfast that would have cost them less than R20. The human race fascinates me. But at the same breath, after reading some of the top predicted social media trends for 2012...

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