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All posts by Michael Ogembo Kachienga

Michael Ogembo Kachienga
Professor Michael Ogembo Kachienga is an Electrical Engineer, Biomedical Engineering Scientist, Consulting Technological Entrepreneur and Professor of Technological Entrepreneurship at the Graduate School of Technology Management.
  • Why Silicon Valley is only part of California’s innovative success

    California seems to be on a constant roller-coaster of events – technological, economic and social. Strangely enough, the state keeps moving on as the American epicentre of high-tech industry. To technological entrepreneurs, California is synonymous with Silicon Valley, a place where brain-rich can become money-rich. To movie lovers, California is synonymous with Hollywood, where real life can become fantasy. In the 1980s, Silicon Valley defined California’s economy in particular and America in general. It was the first time in the history of capitalism when the best brains made the most money. Inheritance was frowned upon as wealth based on sexual...

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