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All posts by Rohan Ayyar

Rohan Ayyar
Rohan Ayyar runs premium campaigns at E2M, a digital marketing agency specializing in content strategy, web analytics and conversion rate optimization for startups. His posts are featured on popular online marketing blogs such as MarketingProfs, Social Media Today and Moz. Rohan hangs out round the clock on Twitter @searchrook – hit him up any time for a quick chat.
  • 7 easy ways entrepreneurs can reach the state of unfuddle

    WrkRiot, a startup caught up in chaos and claims of forged wire transfers, fake records, late payments, and borrowing money from employees, recently collapsed in spectacular fashion. While WrkRiot is an extreme example, it wouldn’t be far off the mark to say that startups are synonymous to chaos and crisis. You often hear stories about startups failing, founder fatigue, funding problems, and as Trudeau Sr. would have said, general fuddle duddle ups. However, there are some easy ways startup owners can avoid, well, fuddle duddle ups and reach the state of extreme peace and unfuddle. Let’s look into some such...

  • How B2B startups promote big data for business growth, efficiency

    The relationship between business and big data is growing ever tighter. This sentiment is expected to intensify as adoption becomes more mainstream and as more solutions that transform data into actionable information begin to appear in the market. A survey performed and published by Gartner towards the end of 2014 has demonstrated that 74% of businesses have plans to invest in big data over the following two-year period, a testament to the growing dependency that businesses have on this technology to remain competitive. In fact, we do not really have to wait for solutions to appear in the market right...

  • Building customer loyalty in online retailing – a primer

    One of the toughest challenges that ecommerce businesses and online retailers face is earning customer loyalty. A face to face interaction at a brick and mortar store has a far higher chance of building a real connection with a customer than a fleeting online interaction does. Smart etailers and entrepreneurs realise that their customers are central to their success, and it is important to build a lifelong relationship with them. They also understand that earning their customers’ loyalty is no cakewalk and comes only with giant doses of ecommerce wizardry (cue Amazon). Developing a user interface that exceeds expectations, offering...

  • 7 ingenious merchandising ideas for your ecommerce site

    Ecommerce conversions is a vast field of discussions with a mind-boggling variety of factors contributing to the eventual bottom line of a store. Store merchandising, or the way you display items in your online store, plays a vital role on how well your site attracts and retains shoppers’ fickle attention. Below we discuss seven winning ideas to take your store merchandising to a whole new level: Work on making your site a pleasure to browse Notice how the best stores have the most inviting layouts? Many real-world retailers resort to using mood music, special fragrances and color therapy to put shoppers in...

  • The new normals in retail: are you keeping up?

    I don’t know too many people who are immune to the charms of retail therapy. Whether in malls or online, they be men or women, there’s always something that each of us enjoys buying. Or at least window shopping. It’s engaging, it’s interactive and it’s social. What’s not to like? Thanks to technology, every few months we have these fascinating new advances that take our consumerist culture’s favourite sport to the next level. Let’s take a look at the most promising ways in which technology is changing the way we shop. Beacon Technology Allows Micro-Location-Based Marketing We’ve been hearing about Bluetooth notifications...

  • How to hack startup growth with Pay Per Click advertising

    Here’s the thing with PPC (Pay Per Click): it’s a live-action, real-time slugfest. Everything happens so quickly on the paid advertising front that if you don’t get it right, you might very well end up pouring buckets of money into a vast sea of nothingness. While it might seem that PPC could be pretty straightforward, it is and it isn’t. But even before you get into anything to do with actual dynamics of PPC advertising, it’s an advertising channel that can help startups in many ways. As Jonathan Long, founder of Market Domination Media, explained in this article on Huffington Post,...

  • Here’s how mobile apps are making shopping easier

    Smartphones and tablets cater to a dynamic, cross-media lifestyle. Around 65% of tablet owners use their device while watching TV and 41% use both smartphones and tablets simultaneously at least once a day, according to a 2014 Mobile Behavior Report. The consumer’s mobile time has changed marketing as we know it. An integrated, omni-channel marketing approach is what brands now need to adopt to provide the much-desired seamless shopping experience to consumers. Mobile devices have been shaping the way consumers interact with businesses for a long time now. They have been answering buyers’ demand for constant information successfully while allowing...

  • Squeeze Facebook to boost your ecommerce profits: here’s how

    A billion people on Facebook translate to a billion reasons for businesses to be there. Any business – big or small – now finds the need to be on Facebook and tap into the ever-increasing appeal Facebook has for businesses. Now, Facebook might not be everyone’s favorite. Yet it has potential. It has a user base, and it allows myriad applications and tools to interact with it. Friends trust friends and Facebook goes a long way to help translate that fact into business transactions. Ecommerce websites – especially those in the B2C niche – have a lot to gain from Facebook....