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All posts by Ronell Swartbooi

Ronell Swartbooi
Ronell Swartbooi, currently works as a Senior Tech Communications Manager at DUO Marketing + Communications. Africa’s rapid growth in technology is what has fueled her interest to communicate innovation out of Africa. Prior to tech PR, Ronell worked in the nonprofit sector as a project manager for seven years, facilitating a youth media & leadership project. Ronell has attained a degree in Media Studies at the University of Cape Town, including short course diplomas in Marketing and Public Relations at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.
  • Engaging Africa’s next generation of business and technology leaders

    "Africa is on a path to greatness however we need talent to facilitate this growth. And I am not just talking about formal education, we need young leaders who can think on their feet and take bold decisions that will drive Africa forward." These are the words of Uche Ofodile, a senior business leader based in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) with extensive expertise in building businesses in emerging markets, from a recent interview on 'Forward Leadership' and her passion to see young African leaders at their very best. Her reference to “young leaders who can think on their...

  • 3 tips to ensure your communication objectives are aligned with your business vision

    I’ve seen technology companies shifting their business goals three to four times within an eighteen-month period. This is understandable, as economies change, markets become more competitive or are disrupted by startups, new investors come on board, target audiences change... no matter the reason, being forced to shift business goals can be taxing on your business. While you are focusing on business strategy and product enhancements or new product developments… consider how your communications team can support this process? How can they back the product and sales team and provide peace of mind when you are ready to go to...

  • Balance the hype and potential with the reality on the ground [U-Start Africa]

    “Build a business not a product”, “build the right networks”, “think long term and exercise patience” and “be amazing while you do it” -- these words by Keet Van Zyl of Knife Capital and Rapelang Rabana of Rekindle Learning at the recent U-Start Africa conference summed up both the event and the entrepreneurial experience for me. Every successful entrepreneur that I have met in the last five years, has in their own way -- most times through trial and error -- worked on a sustainable approach to their business venture. This was a pretty constant refrain throughout the conference, with...

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