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All posts by Rose Martin

Rose Martin
Rose Martin is a blogger and her main interest in blogging is for finance, investment, frugal living, family and beauty. When she’s not working, she enjoys cooking, sipping a cold beer and spending time with family.
  • 9 mobile apps for an organised entrepreneur

    With only 24 hours in a day and too much work to manage, multitasking is crucial for an entrepreneur. The growing technology and super-smart smartphones help you in staying organised and enhance productivity through great value apps. This is done through efficient mobile apps. Below are a few absolutely essential mobile apps that every startup entrepreneur must use to streamline the daily business activities and increase efficacy. 1. Evernote Compatibility - Android and iOS Price - Free Even though several similar apps are available in the market, Evernote is still indispensable. The app allows you to create digital notebooks, and helps in keeping track...

  • 7 books that all entrepreneurs must read without delay

    If you look at some of the leading entrepreneurs, you will find that they didn’t make a fortune out of thin air. They have different success stories, which can be attributed to the fact that they took the road less travelled and followed smart approaches to reach where they are today. As an entrepreneur or a founder, I am sure that you can relate to their success stories and want to make it big just like them. For this, all you need to do is step into their shoes and know the secrets to their success by reading the following...

  • 4 tips startups need to keep in mind when raising first round funding

    Being a startup founder can be downright challenging. Whether it is developing a sound business plan, building a team, or acquiring customers, you will be dealing with a sheer number of hurdles. Moreover, if you’re not backed by an elite accelerator, getting your startup off the ground can be an uphill battle. Raising money for your company requires you to think strategically. Failure to take care of this aspect can lead you in the "valley of death" -- a term used in the startup circles representing the failure experienced in acquiring venture capital for a startup. In fact, according to Josh...

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