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All posts by Roy Morrison

Roy Morrison
Roy Morrison is passionate about emerging technologies, digital marketing, and social innovation in emerging markets. He also runs a blog Rise Africa Rise focused on scaling (social) innovation across Africa and beyond using digital technologies.
  • With over a million downloads meet Cameroon’s file sharing service Feem

    Have you ever had issues with transferring files between devices? Then you might be happy to learn that there is a world-class file sharing solution that can solve your issue and it was built in Africa. In fact, it was built by Cameroonian entrepreneur Fritz Ekwoge and his team in Buea, Cameroon. It's called Feem. And it has over one million downloads from people all over the world. It was also covered by the renowned CIO magazine that covers tech. 'One of the features that makes Feem a great product is that you do not need an internet connection but only a...

  • Market your business the Yoco way: inspiration for African entrepreneurs

    If you want to scale your business across Africa and beyond, one thing that you will need to get right is your digital marketing strategy. With a lousy strategy scaling your business will be though. But when it comes down to actually crafting your digital marketing strategy you'll realise that it can be a complex and difficult task. That’s why it can be helpful to get some inspiration from other companies that do their digital marketing really, really well. One such company is South African fintech startup Yoco. Besides revolutionising the fintech space, the company is also teaching African businesses a thing...

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