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All posts by Sandra Sampayo

Sandra Sampayo is a strategic PR consultant for FD Media and Investor Relations. She has around 18 years experience in handling corporate communications strategies for clients in the consumer, technology, financial services, leisure and tourism sectors. Her focus is on developing strategies that integrate the virtual and traditional space and those which play a role in opening commercial doors for clients, Sandra has worked in South Africa, Honduras and the UK.
  • Online shoppers reap the benefits of flash sale and group deals

    It’s no secret that everyone loves a good bargain, no matter who they are or what their income level is. This simple insight is the key to the flash sales and group deals which are becoming increasingly popular in South Africa. With discounts of up to 70% for those in the know, it’s no surprise that the sector is gaining traction. SaleWine.co.za is one such site. It uses flash sales to sell its...