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All posts by Sawaram Suthar

Sawaram Suthar is Head of Marketing at Tagove Live Chat. He helps SME to increase their ROI and overall business. He also runs an independent digital marketing agency called Jagat Media. Reach him @sawarams or his blog thenextscoop.com
  • 3 lessons learned from revolutionary changes in the ecommerce space

    With ecommerce rates increasing each year and becoming such a large part of the economy, a tipping point is fast-awaiting many retailers. Ecommerce in 2016 is set for a major revolution. People love to shop. People especially love to shop online because of the comfort it gives them to shop where everything is accessible anytime and anywhere. This access is exceptional - and not just for shoppers. Retailers also get 24/7 access to their customers, residing in different corners of the world. As a result, ecommerce has significantly changed the business model and revised the way shoppers approach...

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