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All posts by Staff Reporter

  • On the Road: U-Start’s Zach George talks global investment for entrepreneurs

    We all know that Africa is an investment hotspot right now in the tech world, but just what are the parameters dictating how those investments are, and will be, made, and how can entrepreneurs best position themselves to be investment-ready when the time comes? Mich Atagana chatted to the COO of U-Start Africa, Zachariah George, an international investor who has settled in South Africa to focus on tech investments on the continent, about everything from which sectors are hot in Africa right now, to tips on how entrepreneurs can get their ideas noticed more quickly and efficiently. Watch the full...

  • Methys Labs offering R50k to Silicon Cape’s most innovative startups

    As part of an initiative to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship in South Africa, international technology group Methys is offering Western Cape entrepreneurs an opportunity to pitch an innovative project and receive a R50 000 subsidy in development value for either a website or mobile application. Dubbed The Methys Labs Innovation Challenge, this initiative is about providing entrepreneurs based within Silicon Cape the possibility to deliver a digital innovation for their startup or existing business that could then possibly disrupt and develop internationally. The Methys Labs is responsible for having successfully incubated or provided seed capital and technology to startups operating...

  • Government-backed site NigeriaForward launches to encourage investment

    To encourage both investment and promote awareness and understanding of Nigeria's growing economy, a new website called NigeriaForward launched this week. The initiative will focus on both the public and private sectors operating in growing industries ranging from manufacturing to agriculture. By now we have a rough guide of what the startup ecosystem looks like in West Africa and while Nigeria certainly isn't the sole provider of that landscape, it's definitely the largest. This government-backed website is supported by the Nigerian Ministry of Finance and is designed to become a resource for potential further foreign investment, with a...

  • Startup Blitz: Funda provides online learning to institutions, corporates

    Startup Blitz on Burn Media TV showcases the best tech startups coming out of Cape Town and the Western Cape. It’s quick, fun and informative with startups pitching in 30 seconds or less followed by a short Q&A with Burn Media Managing Editor Michelle Atagana. Learn about local tech startups right here, in just a few minutes. Today's edition features Kolawole Olajide, the lead engineer for Funda, a platform that provides "learning management systems and content development for high institutions and corporates". Visit the Funda website here, or read more about them here. Subscribe to Burn Media TV here.

  • On the road: Silulo Ulutho Technologies talks empowering people through tech

    While we're seeing tech companies popping up across Africa, Silulo Ulutho Technologies isn't aiming to become the next must have app -- it's starting from the ground up. Mich Atagana travels to Khayelitsha to chat about the IT training initiative with co-founder Luvuyo Rani. The company provides communities based in townships or rural areas with the opportunity to scratch up on their IT skills to be better prepared for their professional careers. She also speaks to Senior Trainer Luvuyo Soji about the specific types of courses the centres have to offer. Generally though, the initiative focuses on computer education,...

  • PlayLogix aims to fast-track SA startups with Startup Build Pack

    Incubator slash dev lab, PlayLogix, recently announced its Startup Build Pack. This programme is said to provide entrepreneurs with real tangible support focused on product creation -- not just PR and business advice. There are so many incubators popping up across Africa but early stage tech startups still has a very high failure rate. In South Africa this has become increasingly popular. PlayLogix aims to set itself apart from other dev labs and incubators by focusing on product development with a more hands-on approach. While PlayLogix builds tech products, it also supplies business support and strategy to help focus...

  • Enterprise Mobility Africa Summit 2013 aims to engage, inform, network

    The 2013 Enterprise Mobility Africa (EMA) Summit will be taking place on the 25th and 26th of November in Johannesburg. The summit's agenda will explore the impact of mobility solutions across a range of industries, as well as the opportunities, and downfalls, they may create. The two-day event will see thought leaders from the IT and mobility sectors coming together to address industry challenges such as big data and the mobile platform, and mobility as an enabler for enterprises to become more networked. The conference will focus on four key areas: Integrating M2M systems and devices into operations Networks and devices:...

  • Startup Blitz: listen to friends, coaches, music in water with Stroke Tech

    This week's Startup Blitz features hardware startup Stroke Tech. Founders Thys Pretorius (CEO) and Matt Pretorius (Sales and Social Media) applied bone conduction technology -- which sends sound to the inner ear through the bones of the skull -- to a modern use: water sports communication and entertainment. Currently Stroke Tech has two prototypes, a communication device which allows a swimmer/surfer/kite boarder et al, to hear instructions from a coach, or listen to their friends all the while keeping their ear channels obstruction-free thanks to audio being transmitted by the tech used as far back as during World War 2. The...

  • African Development Bank pumps $150-mil into reliable power for Zambia

    Electrical problems are prevalent for most of Africa, in some countries like Nigeria, people and businesses rely on generators to get the power they need, in a country like Zambia, they depend on hydro-power. This reliance on hydro-power is problematic for Zambia though, especially for small businesses, because if there is a drought there can be severe economic risks. In a bid to help divide the load of power production in Zambia, and increase availability, the African Development Bank (AfDB) has approved a loan of up to US$150-million to finance a new 300MW coal-fired power plant, as well as...

  • PHPSouthAfrica: for the developer who cares about the craft

    If you have a tech startup, more often than not you are looking for a developer, or you are a developer and would like to network with your peers and perhaps get some help with a particularly buggy piece of code. If so then, listen up. Aimed at proficient developers, new developers and people who care about developers, with a core focus on coding 'Craft' as both skill and passion, PHPSouthAfrica is a two day conference that hopes to help you with your developer needs. "PHP is one of the most popular web programming languages used today to power...