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All posts by Startupbootcamp AfriTech

Startupbootcamp AfriTech
Startupbootcamp AfriTech is a leading accelerator focused on high-growth startups in a number of sectors. These sectors include: blockchain, connected devices, payment solutions, capital markets and asset management, integrated supply chain, e-commerce, FinTech, RetailTech, InsurTech, alternative financing, identity management, digital connectivity, data and behavioural analytics and enabling technologies.
  • How SBC is helping drive Innovation 3.0 to advance the UN’s SDG [Sponsored]

    Given Africa's inherited inequalities from the past, it has become more urgent now than ever, for governments to collaborate with institutions of education, corporates, accelerators and incubators and various other organisations -- if the continent is to accelerate the implementation of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and innovate with a purpose. The UN recently hosted its 73rd General Assembly. Over a week in July, various heads of state, ministers, heads of governance organisations, civil society and the private sector set foot in New York, the home of the UN to discuss various critical issues affecting sustainable development. These were largely centred around the 17...

  • The importance of a co-working space for startups, what to consider when looking for one

    Brad Neuberg is widely credited as having founded the co-working space concept as we know it when he launched the first such space in 2005 in San Francisco. Since then the co-working movement has spread around the world and is now associated with innovation and tech startups. Benefits associated with co-working spaces range from affordability, opportunities for networking and collaboration, to hip amenities and services. But, just how important is it for startups to find a good co-working space? Schuyler Vorster (pictured above), director and founder of co-working company The Inner City Ideas Cartel, believes a good co-working space is “one of very...

  • Should I be doing something about blockchain?

    This worry is behind a lot of the questions we are being asked by clients, colleagues and friends at the moment. The technology behind bitcoin enables multiple parties to transact based on them having a copy of the same information updated by consensus and removing the need for rent seeking intermediaries. Concern about the technology takes a lot of forms, ranging from FOMO about the cryptocurrency boom to a growing realisation that industries are changing. The pace of that change, and the attention that blockchain is getting, is feeding a self-reinforcing process of hyper growth in this space. Many people draw...

  • How your startup can implement good accounting practices

    It is the dream of every startup to get external funding. However, without the right accounting practices in place, that is unlikely to happen, says Cloudworx founder and MD Gareth Price. Price (pictured above) believes it’s crucial that startups get accounting right from the beginning. He says one of the biggest mistakes a startup could make is something he says happens regularly -- running for a year without any accounting. "They sort of get through the first year, and then go, now I need to do some accounting. That becomes a disaster," he says, adding that the easiest way to fix...

  • ‘Engagement in startup initiatives vital if corporates are to develop in tech’

    It's vital that corporates engage in startup programmes if they want their firms to develop in the tech space. So says Regan Adams CEO of financial services provider RCS. Adams (pictured above) says with customers needing information faster than before, businesses need to become more customer-centric in order to retain their clientele, and cannot afford to fall behind in the latest technology that is available, both locally and globally. "As part of the global BNP Paribas group, we are constantly looking for innovative technologies to enhance the customer experience and to improve our systems and processes. He says it is important for...

  • Business, SA set to benefit from innovation and startup ecosystems

    Global accelerator programmes are vitally important in bringing new technologies into the insurance industry’s value chain, writes Stanley Gabriel, head of innovation at Old Mutual Personal Finance. By partnering with such initiatives, companies like Old Mutual continue to explore how to streamline, reorganise or redesign business models, legacy processes and systems to enhance customers’ experience. Entrepreneurship and small businesses are driving economic development in South Africa, with startups and small businesses contributing an estimated 50% to 60% to the national Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It comes as no surprise then, that the 2017 Old Mutual Savings and Investment Monitor found that 39% of...

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