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All posts by Stephen Middleton

  • What software is eligible for a patent? Three examples explain what to look for

    Not all software is patent-eligible, so it’s important that you know what to look out for. In a previous article, I wrote about why your software startup needs a patent. Let's look at what kinds of software one can patent. Read more: 4 reasons why your startup needs a patent As patent-eligibility differs from one country to the next, this article generally covers US and European eligibility requirements. Taking an existing algorithm or method which is already known and applying it using a computer is not likely to be a patent-eligible invention, even if you are the first person to do so. The same would...

  • 4 reasons why your startup needs a patent

    It’s a scenario that has played out in many a boardroom around the world. An entrepreneur lands a sizeable investment but has not spent a single cent on protecting their intellectual property (IP). No matter what your exit strategy, or whether you even have one, the protection of IP and an appropriate IP strategy should be conscious, pro-active discussions that all startups have at a very early stage. One effective way of protecting new technology is by way of a patent. While not all technologies are patentable, the rumour that inventions that rely on software for their operation cannot be patented...

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