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All posts by Talita Calitz

Talita Calitz
Talita was born and raised in Pretoria. She completed her BA Journalism degree at the University of Pretoria. Her main subjects were Journalism, Visual Studies and Communication. She is planning to further my studies in Marketing and Visual Culture. She has travelled to and lived in Tokyo, Mainland China, Hong Kong and London. She has a passion for photography, the Arts, writing and travelling, but share an equal interest in tech innovations and understand its importance in media today. She enjoys keeping herself up to date and sharing with others the ever-changing trends and fads circling our globe.
  • The future of shopping is mobile

    People are swapping shopping malls for online and virtual stores at a faster rate than ever before. Combine this shift with our increasingly compulsive and indecisive nature, and you can see why online retailers are frantically coming up with new ways to entice people, so they can linger on their sites longer. One way they are doing so this is by focusing on our closest companions: our mobile phones. This echoes one of my favourite lines from Irish comedian Dylan Moran: "I don’t know what I want, but I know that I want it now." Mobile apps: having a shop...

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