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All posts by Tech In Asia

  • Wumii: the Chinese reader app that thinks it knows what you want to read

    One of China’s most innovative reading apps, Wumii Reader has just upgraded its Android app to version 2.0. In contrast to many other apps that demand you add in lots of subscriptions or preferred sites -- which can be quite laborious -- Wumii Reader instead uses its own clever algorithm to offer up what it thinks you might want to read. One new feature that takes advantage of that is the “shake to read” that causes the Wumii app to freshen up your suggested list of relevant articles. Also new in this v2.0 beta is a reading network where you...

  • Remember China’s only US IPO of 2012? It’s doing rather well right now

    Remember VIPShop (NYSE:VIPS), the Chinese flash eCommerce sales site that’s the only company from China to list fully in the US this whole year? After an initial rough ride right after its IPO debut at $6.50 per share in March, it’s now having a superb week and closed yesterday at $8.00, giving it a market cap of $404.55 million.Chinese media have been having a field day with that latter stat, highlighting that...

  • Meet OuterEdit: the startup all about online collaborative art

    The internet has impacted our lives in a number of different ways, but its function as a collaborative space is one of the most exciting, bringing together great minds over great distances. This advancement has touched the art community as well. And one young startup out of Singapore, OuterEdit, is a good example of what kind of amazing things can happen when artists meet online to work on projects together. We spoke to OuterEdit’s Ryan Tan to find out more about how this collaborative design process works, and how it all got started. What exactly is OuterEdit? Ryan: OuterEdit is a new online graphic...

  • Meet Hike: the Indian messaging startup going after WhatsApp

    As Korea gave birth to Kakaotalk, Japan to Line, and China to WeChat, an Indian startup is looking to have its own group messaging smash hit with the new Hike app. For the moment, Hike is Android-only, but versions for iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, and Symbian are in the works. Also, Hike has been focusing on just India in its first few months of running – but the aim is for it to go global. Of course, New Delhi-based Hike will need to challenge some other behemoths in this space, such as Whatsapp, and eventually Apple’s iMessage too. To do...

  • Meet the company that’s building Asia’s startup database

    I was lucky to have been recently introduced to the folks at Creww.me here in Tokyo . The Japan-based company has some big goals, aiming to collect a database of startups in Japan and around the Asia region – something that is certainly much needed. I had a chance to speak with Sorato Ijichi, its CEO and founder; as well as Kozue Ishii, who is Creww’s public relations representative. Kozue elaborated little bit more about what they have been doing so far, as well as plans that they have for helping out local startups around the region. h3 {margin-top:8px;} What is...

  • If I see another Chinese eCommerce startup, I may get sick

    It seems like one in every three startups I come across these days — especially in China — is an e-commerce startup. I understand why this is the case. People look at companies like Alibaba and think, ‘holy cow, there’s an awful lot of money to be made here.’ Or they look at a company like La Miu working in a niche and think, ‘hey, there’s room for me in there.’ No, there isn’t. Also, I hate you. I get that you want to do a startup, but China has e-commerce sites, both big and niche. Your idea for a...

  • 20+ Chinese eCommerce players you should keep an eye on

    eCommerce is a massive industry in China. This sector presently generates revenue close to 2 trillion RMB ($315 billion) and there are plans set by the authorities for the industry to hit 2.8 trillion RMB (US$441-billion) by 2015. There are thousands of eCommerce sites in the Chinese market, where literally almost anything can be bought online. So which ones have made the biggest impact in China’s online shopping space? We have shortlisted over 20 eCommerce sites below which we think you should look out for. 1. Taobao.com Alibaba-owned Taobao is no stranger to eCommerce industry. The C2C giant sells almost everything, literally, from notebooks...

  • 8 ways to keep your startup’s employees happy

    Keeping employees can be difficult for any startup, but that’s especially true in emerging markets like China, where young people often expect to work jobs for a short time before moving on to the next one. So how can a startup keep its employees happy enough that they stick around? Sun Qingxin, the founder of travel website Daoyou Tianxi, recently wrote a blog post sharing his advice on how to keep startup employees. The full post is worth reading if you can read Chinese, but for those who can’t, here’s a summary of his eight main points: 1. Values are important....

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