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All posts by Tilly Jayne

Tilly Jayne
Tilly Kidman is passionate blogger and writer. She loves to write stuff on Business/Social Marketing & Tech.
  • 4 new ecommerce trends you should be aware of

    There are a lot of different ways to earn money online. In fact, many traditional jobs are now transitioning to a virtual environment, which means that the methods a person can use to earn money via the web are almost endless. Of course, some methods are easier to break into than others. For example, one of the fastest and most straightforward ways to earn money via the internet is through trading and investments. Forex is one, but a better avenue is binary options. According to 24option, binary option trading consists of short term investments in which you “bet” on how...

  • Startups scramble to reform shipping industry

    Several industries are long overdue for a complete overhaul. Shipping ranks high among them. The way humans have been getting products from one place to another hasn’t changed much in more than a century. In fact, take away the changing nature of transportation and shipping doesn’t go anywhere both literally and figuratively. The advent of the Internet Age, however, is priming to change that or lack thereof. It’s just up to business leaders to take the lead and revolutionise the shipping industry for the 21st century. Admittedly this is a lofty goal—but that shouldn’t stop startups from making it their...

  • 6 things to do before selling your startup

    Selling your business is a big step and one many business owners consider from time to time. Cashing in on the labours of your hard work and getting a cash pay-out can allow you to retire, start a new business or just to make money. Understanding how best to go about the process is important and these tips should help: 1. Begin planning as soon as possible You can never start the planning process for selling your business too early. Not only do you need to develop a solid understanding of how the process of transferring your business to another party works,...

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