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All posts by Tim Shier

Tim Shier
Tim Shier is a founding member of 42Engines (a South African startup accelerator) after a 3 year adventure as Managing Director of BrandsEye (a global online reputation and insights product). Prior to BrandsEye, Tim was the marketing manager at one of Africa’s leading marketing agencies and was a mediocre software developer before that. He is fascinated by what drives people to make decision, perform beyond their expectations, the entrepreneurial process and what the information age means for the future of humanity. Follow Tim on Twitter on @timshier (he makes no promises of it being worthwhile).
  • Looking for a startup model? Be the change you want to see in the world

    The internet has changed the power dynamics of our world. Increases in information, connectivity and high populations of enabled individuals forces us to review the system and reconsider whether it still operates in this brave new world. This is a world where we are all empowered and responsible for defining its future. A system can be defined as “a set of interacting or independent components forming an integrated whole”. All systems have some level of structure (defined by its component elements), behaviours (such processes, required resources, information etc) and relationships (how the components fit together to allow the system to...

  • Why entrepreneurs will rule the world (for the next while)

    The world has changed in the last 10 years. The rate of technological development has rocketed -- in part due to the high number of working engineers, the boom of the internet and self-perpetuating human empowerment which has resulted. The outcome of this rapid change has caused a fracturing of the traditional business model and the rise of the niche mega-market solutions. Conventional business has been a strong proponent of the idea of managing through processes and control in order to convert chaos into order. Historically this has been very effective as it allowed efficiency and overall risk management. In...

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