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All posts by Vallabh Rao

Vallabh Rao is from Bangalore, India. He has worked in the startup media space as the Assistant Editor of Indian platform yourstory.in. With an interest in the social enterprise sector, he has worked with social enterprise enabler Ashoka in Bangalore and Digital Divide Data in Cambodia. He is the social media consultant and contributor at popular blog on social innovation Dowser. When he is not keeping a tab on the latest startup and social media trends he likes to travel and meet new people from diverse backgrounds
  • Between: the world’s most popular private network for couples

    If you are among those who think social networking is becoming too noisy and intrusive, then there is a solution. It's a private social network that allows you to communicate with your partner in a private, intimate way. No it's not Pair. In fact, it predates the cutesy social effort that's been grabbing headlines in the tech press. Between is an app developed by South Korean startup VCNC. It provides a quick chat option between couples, as well as photo album and messaging functions. Although there are other similar apps gaining popularity, it is by far the most successful...

  • 10 Hot Indian startups you should know about

    From the world’s cheapest car to the world’s cheapest tablet, India has emerged as a hub of "Jugaad", a Hindi term which closely translates as "frugal innovation". Owing to its booming economy, growing middle class and a talent pool of highly skilled engineers, India has a thriving tech startup ecosystem. While there are thousands of startups across the country, we bring you a compilation of tech startups that have risen above the rest to be the talking points in the startup-technology community. Based on my conversations and interactions with entrepreneurs, investors and other stakeholders, these startups are shaping the way...

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