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BurnMedia TV

  • 3 minutes with Eric Edelstein on his entrepreneurial journey thus far

    South Africa's popular flash sales site Daddy's Deals CEO and all-round serial entrepreneur Eric Edelstein last month at Creative Spark's Thought Leader Fridays took us through his journey as a tech and business junkie. Edelstein has a massive wrap sheet in the startup world. As both an angel investor and keen founder, he's behind the popular, Clicks2Customers, together with Gyft founder Vinny Lingham and also the network-for-entrepreneurs, Silicon Cape, among many other successful organisations. Some other major companies Edelstein backed as a early-stage investor include Springleap and Quirk. Apart from running Daddy's Deals, Edelstein spends his time dabbling with Bitcoin, chairing Entrepreneur...

  • 5 Yuppiechef philosophies you can learn from

    Apart from having found the recipe to build a cult around kitchenware in Southern Africa, the quirky online appliance store, Yuppiechef, is known for its exceptional customer care and cunning culture. From culture to remarkability, Paul Galatis from Yuppiechef speaks about the company's work philosophies key to their success during Creative Spark's Thought Leader Fridays event.

  • A day at the iHub and a look at Kenya’s startups [Video]

    Kenya's tech space is without a doubt one of the most exciting ecosystems to witness in today's day and age. That's why Ventureburn recently took a trip up to Nairobi, Kenya to get a closer look at what's new and happening. At the center of this tech ecosystem sits iHub -- the meetup place for all technologists, investors and hackers in the area. Among other enthusiasts, Ventureburn Managing Editor Michelle Atagana had a chat with iHub Director of Operations Nekesa Were about what makes Kenya's entrepreneurial spirit so unique. Take a look at this edition of Venture Talk: Haven't...

  • Surefire tips to make your crowdfunding campaign a success [Video]

    Welcome to the latest episode of our new YouTube show VentureTV -- a show for entrepreneurs where we share tools, tips and insights to help you run your startup better, or anything we think will add value to your startup journey. Having success with a crowdfunding campaign has become something of an art. From the design of your campaign page to getting early traction before going live, there are some tricks you can use to better your chances of getting that crowdfunding success. In this short video Mich Atagana shares the most effective tips we've seen in practice. VentureTV is...

  • 3 quick tips on how to be a lean startup [Video]

    Welcome to the second episode of our brand new YouTube show VentureTV -- a show for entrepreneurs where we'll share tools, tips and insights to help you run your startup better, or anything we think will add value to your startup journey. You've probably heard of The Lean Startup by Eric Ries, potentially the quintessential book on the principles of being lean in the startup world. Recently, Daniel Marcus of Magnetic wrote a great piece on what he learned from reading Ries' book, and seeing how Lean Startup Machine is taking place in Cape Town this weekend we thought it was...

  • 10 online tools to help you run your startup better [Video]

    Welcome to the first episode of our brand new YouTube show VentureTV -- a weekly show for entrepreneurs where we'll share tools, tips and insights to help you run your startup better, or anything we think will add value to you on your startup journey. Ventureburn receives a lot of requests from startups about which online tools they should be using to run their business the best way they can. In this episode, managing editor Mich Atagana shares 10 tools that we can't live without at Ventureburn and neither should you -- from storage to newsletter management, these tools are...

  • PriceCheck CEO talks mobile buying in SA, demos the PriceCheck app [Video]

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s5dmKX8NqBA What is the future of mobile buying in South Africa and Africa? Andre de Wet, the CEO of PriceCheck -- arguably the most successful mobile online buying and shopping comparison app on the continent -- shares where the company is going and talks about the importance of brick-and-motor stores in online shopping in SA during this interview with Mich Atagana. This video's for you if you want to know more about SA's online buying habits. If you want to see a short demo of how the PriceCheck app works de Wet shows us how to buy a TV on the...

  • Webfluential platform links web’s most influential with brands, PR [Video]

    Do you have 2 000 Twitter followers or run a popular blog? This might be something to look into. Mike Sharman, the co-founder of Webfluential, chats to Mich Atagana about his South African platform that links influencers with brands and PR agencies to promote campaigns. By linking popular influencers on a single platfrom, Webfluential is able to track and analyse traffic data from active social media accounts to ultimately connect them with marketing agencies. Although not being an entirely new concept, Sharman explains South Africa's need for regulation of its online space in this regard. Webfluential aims to fill the gap...

  • On the Road: U-Start’s Zach George talks global investment for entrepreneurs

    We all know that Africa is an investment hotspot right now in the tech world, but just what are the parameters dictating how those investments are, and will be, made, and how can entrepreneurs best position themselves to be investment-ready when the time comes? Mich Atagana chatted to the COO of U-Start Africa, Zachariah George, an international investor who has settled in South Africa to focus on tech investments on the continent, about everything from which sectors are hot in Africa right now, to tips on how entrepreneurs can get their ideas noticed more quickly and efficiently. Watch the full...

  • Startup Blitz: Funda provides online learning to institutions, corporates

    Startup Blitz on Burn Media TV showcases the best tech startups coming out of Cape Town and the Western Cape. It’s quick, fun and informative with startups pitching in 30 seconds or less followed by a short Q&A with Burn Media Managing Editor Michelle Atagana. Learn about local tech startups right here, in just a few minutes. Today's edition features Kolawole Olajide, the lead engineer for Funda, a platform that provides "learning management systems and content development for high institutions and corporates". Visit the Funda website here, or read more about them here. Subscribe to Burn Media TV here.

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