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General Tech

  • Display tech: can Africa compete with the East? ‘Yes it can’ says PVision

    African hardware startups are in the minority. Instead, as capital barriers are low, the continent is seeing a boom in online ventures. That doesn't mean however, that hardware manufacturing success is exclusive to the East. Since 2003, PVision, a South African manufacturer of LED and LCD displays, has been rolling out locally manufactured products which include commercial displays, lite commercial displays, nano displays, touchscreen technology, mounting solutions and back-end architecture. PVision CEO, David Ross, sees South Africa's increasing engagement in the development and manufacture of high-end technologies, as a driver of economic change. It's a specialised market, one that isn't...

  • Doing it the startup way: Veronica Mars gets big pay day on Kickstarter

    Teen sleuth drama Veronica Mars has raised more than US$2.5-million on Kickstarter for its final performance. Everything is a startup these days, and Kickstarter helps everything get the money to turn their brilliant (or not so brilliant) ideas into realities. For Hollywood, Kickstarter is a way to circumvent the big studio bosses who have tightened their purses against projects they just don't see the checks and balances of. Kickstarter is making the business of making movies a tad easier. This year, a Kickstarter-funded documentary made history by winning Best Documentary Short at the Academy Awards. Interestingly, the doccie, Inocente, was...

  • African company constructs world’s first open-source metabolic chamber

    HealthQ Technologies, a high-tech startup facility based in Stellenbosch, South Africa, claims to have constructed the first open-source metabolic chamber in the world. The company says that the metabolic chamber will enable South African entrepreneurs and researchers to perform crucial experiments using facilities which were previously inaccessible. It is also intended to be used for developing new technologies and products in the wellness, weight-loss and fitness industries. WooThemes co-founder Adii Pienaar is one of the investors in HealthQ. "I was first attracted to HealthQ, because their incredibly talented & smart team; a true bunch of geeks! I initially invested in HealthQ...

  • Meet the top execs of the hottest US tech companies. Here’s what they earn

    Tim Cook is Silicon Valley's highest paid CEO, but you already knew that. What do other high profile execs earn? Personal finance and credit service comparison company, NerdWallet, created a tool that shows the compensation of the highest paid executive for each of the S&P 500 companies. We delved into the data for 2011 and ranked the highest earners for some of the more well known US tech companies. Perhaps, like us you are simply curious, but there are some interesting things to note. Compare Tim Cook's salary to that of Amazon.com's CEO, Jeff Bezos. Microsoft's highest paid employee? Nope, it's...

  • Scaling: Don’t become a victim of your own success

    A common issue with online startups is that they only start thinking about scalability once their site goes down. Many of the big startups also experience this phenomenon (e.g Twitter, Tumbler). They take note and spring into action only once the issue has occurred, which almost always has a detrimental effect on the user experience. Unexepected traffic spikes that could be generated by something as simple as a post on a reputable tech news site can bring your site to its knees almost instantaneously. In that brief moment of fame, your site crashes and all those potential new readers/customers/fans...